WoWS: 0.9.9 – 0.9.10, the 11th season of Clan Battles

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server.

From October 7 to November 23, the eleventh season of Clan Battles “Northern Waters” will be held.

Rules of the season:

  • Battles will be held in a “7 vs 7” format on the tier X ships.
  • Restrictions on the number of ships:
    • No more than 1 aircraft carrier.
    • No more than 2 battleships. If a team has an aircraft carrier, the maximum number of battleships is reduced to 1.
  • A division can invite one mercenary (a player who is not a member of the clan) to fight.

Battles will be held on maps “Ice Islands”, “Sleeping Giant” “Warrior’s Path”, “North”, “Greece”, and “Northern Waters” maps. Another feature of the season will be the possibility of a cyclone appearing on all maps.

  • Cyclones appears at the beginning of the battle, which will allow players to immediately choose suitable tactics.
  • Cyclones immediately reduce the viewing range of planes to 8 km;
  • On the 4th minute of battle, the viewing range of all ships begins to decrease and after 30 seconds it reduces to 14 km;
  • After fifteen and a half minutes of battle the cyclone begins to weaken and after 30 seconds it completely disappears;

The presence of the cyclone will help reduce the spotting potential of aircraft carriers in clan battles and the ability to take up to two battleships or replace one of the battleships with an aircraft carrier will bring additional diversity in the composition of teams and tactics in the upcoming season. For example, these changes may increase the popularity of destroyers.

As before, we will closely monitor your feedback, as well as the results of the season. Based on its results, we will decide on the further development of this battle type.