September Tank Rewards to Celebrate a World With Tanks

It was on September 15, 1916, during the Battle of the Somme, that the first tank saw its operational use. The concept of heavily armored vehicles that could withstand bullets and support the infantry in their advancements was the British answer to the stalemate of trench warfare on the Western Front during World War I. Tanks were constructed to operate on all types of terrain, capable of breaking through barbed wire and able to overcome trenches. The dawn of mechanized warfare had arrived, although the idea of armored fighting vehicles dated back hundreds of years. Leonardo da Vinci is often credited with the invention of the tank, a concept that was later picked up by H. G. Wells in his famous short story “The Land Ironclads” in 1903.

While caterpillar tractors were already used to move equipment around battlefields at the beginning of World War I, it wasn’t until the end of 1915, with the completion of “Little Willie” by the Landship Committee, that the first tank saw the light of day. The term “tank” was initially used as a code name to hide the efforts in constructing a powerful armored vehicle, but ultimately turned into the official nomenclature of the new war machines.

Little Willie on display at The Tank Museum in Bovington

From this moment forward, tanks couldn’t be stopped and slowly changed the face of war. More and more countries started their own developments and created new concepts. Turrets were introduced, major improvements were made, and by World War II, the trench warfare of the past had been replaced by tank vs. tank battles and advancements in heavy war machinery.

See for yourself how far tank development has come, and take some of the best armored vehicles into battle. Complete as many Tank Reward missions as you can from September 4 at 07:00 CEST to September 28 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), to collect Tank Reward points and unlock rewards from 5 reward tiers. Each new tier contains even better rewards, such as Personal Reserves and plenty of in-game goods. Reach Tier V to choose 7 Days of WoT Premium Account, the V T14 , the VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 , or the V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai !

You have until October 1 to claim any rewards from this month’s event. Any vehicles owned will be compensated in credits.

Visit our Tank Rewards page to claim your rewards!


Tank Rewards Missions

Available from September 4 at 07:00 CEST through September 28 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

5 thoughts on “September Tank Rewards to Celebrate a World With Tanks

  1. Sooooo they sneak rigged the Tankrewards missions, the mission on 1100exp got decreased from 40 to 20. And I was surprised why I didnt get far in the last month, I still thought i was getting 40 from that mission, and was surprised to find out 2 days ago that I did not reach 3,2k+

    Tankrewards are essenially dead now, its fine tuned into a 24 day non stop grindfest.

    1. It’d still be decent if they’d actually offer rewards that’d be proportional to the effort. I did every single edition up to a couple months ago, byt sadly, I had no reason to keep going after that. I completely gave up on it.

  2. On the tank rewards website, the tanks appear to be the Strv and T14, but instead of a Chi-Nu-Kai it looks like there is an IS-2 tank…

  3. hmmm…if they give is 2 it might be worth giving it a shot……but for tier 5 tank(of which i have all 3)….nah

  4. So this explains why last month I barely reached tier 3 of the rewards when I should have really reached tier 4.

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