Battle Pass Season 3 Goes to the Supertest

Source: EU Portal

A new epic Battle Pass chapter will be checked out during the Supertest on September 4-7. The upcoming Season kicks off later in September, but for now, we’re just adding the finishing touches to the event. If you enjoy playing World of Tanks and earning heaps of valuable rewards in the process, we’ve got some great news for you! Battle Pass Season 3 has tons of them!

But before we continue, as a reminder, anything and everything in the Supertest is not final and may be changed before the actual release of the Season. The various characteristics and values that are relevant for the Supertest may not match those in the final version.

New Mechanics

Season 3 revolves around the new Equipment system, which is why we’ve included standard equipment in the rewards. More importantly, we’ve added new Bounty Equipment to the rewards as well. On top of that, you’ll even be able to select the equipment item you want to receive, which means that, in Season 3, you’ll get the equipment you really need! We’ve also sprinkled some extra Demounting Kits into the reward pool so that you can experiment with different equipment configurations more freely.

By the way, we haven’t forgotten about players who are taking their first steps in World of Tanks and haven’t acquired many Tier VI–X vehicles yet. Since we want to help them figure out the event mechanics, commanders who do not have enough vehicles to cover the first 10 Main Progression Stages may rent three Tier VII vehicles for free to earn Progression Points. Once commanders complete the first 10 Main Progression Stages or acquire enough vehicles to do so, they may purchase the Improved Pass.

We’ve also reworked some aspects of the interface. Significant rewards will be displayed more prominently in congratulatory screens, while all other rewards will now fit into the window.

New Customization Items

Season 3, which highlights the Marines, will feature two new Core Vehicles: the  X T110E5  (an American Tier X heavy tank) and the  X IS-4  (a Soviet Tier X heavy tank). As in previous Seasons, these mighty steel beasts have special rules for earning Progression Points, as well as increased Point Limits.

We’ve also prepared some stunning 3D styles for our Core Vehicles. Behold!

  • Condor” for the T110E5

  • Triton” for the IS-4

Meet their unique custom crew members with Brothers in Arms (as a zero perk) and enough XP to learn two more perks/skills. The crew members’ nationalities can’t be changed.

There are also two new splendid 2D styles inspired by the Marines:

Stunning new projection decals:

And emblems based on real images from Soviet and US Marine vehicles:

All these fabulous rewards, and much more, await you in Battle Pass Season 3. After the Season kicks off, you’ll be able to find a detailed list of all the prizes in the game client.

8 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 3 Goes to the Supertest

  1. Honestly, WG would just sell these skins outright. These skins are amazing, and we can give some love for tanks already in the game. We can also have multiple skins/themes per tank, so more money for WG. We can run out of tanks/ideas for tanks, but skins for present tanks can be infinite. We can even have different set ups of similar styled skins.

    1. Roughly $30 for a battle pass with 2 skins and tons of other actually useful stuff is a fair price imo. If WG sold them separately they each would easily be $17 to $20 and put into bloated $40 bundle packs with lots of pointless bullshit.

  2. Aside from having too much bullshit on it the double dshk MG mounts on the IS4 looks really cool.

    What I don’t understand is why does the E5 have a small plan fuselage strapped to its ass? I mean the surfboard on that one Patton skin was a strange thing even if it was an homage to Apocalypse Now but this plane thing makes no sense.

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