Referral Program 2.0 Updates

Season 5 of Referral Program 2.0 kicks off on August 26 and runs until December. Before the new Season launches, we decided to adjust some of the terms of the current Program to make it more accessible to a wider range of players. There will also be less time required to complete each stage, and you’ll be able to receive cool rewards with less effort. Get the lowdown on the changes below!

Season 5 is Here!

Let’s start by talking about the upcoming Season. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recruit your friends and earn a bunch of sweet prizes, including two high-performance Premium vehicles! This time, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on:

  1. The  VII T26E3 Eagle 7 , a Tier VII American medium tank (Recruit’s reward)
  2. The  VIII Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 , a Tier VIII German tank destroyer (Commander’s reward)

Just like in previous Seasons, you can choose to be compensated for the value of the tanks in credits instead.

Don’t forget that a Commander can also:

  • “Adopt” a novice who has played fewer than 200 battles
  • Invite friends who last played more than 60 days prior

To join the Referral Program, the Recruit should follow the invitation link sent by the Commander. After that, the Commander will receive a Recruit card in the appropriate window.

Fewer Battles for Commanders

To invite your friends to become Recruits, now you need to have played at least 600 battles instead of 1,000. That way, you can become a member of the Referral Program sooner since you will already have enough game experience to train your Recruits.

As for Recruits, the conditions for them haven’t changed. They can be recruited by a Commander if either of the following conditions are met:

  • They are a newcomer to World of Tanks or have played 200 or fewer battles
  • They haven’t played within the last 60 days

More Stages During the Season

According to the new rules of the updated Referral Program 2.0, there will be 6 consecutive stages instead of 3, but each stage will require only 50% of the original number of points. The prizes will remain the same, but the increased number of stages means you can get them with less effort and avoid long breaks in the game. As it will take you less time to complete each stage, it will be easier to track your progress as you receive each set of valuable prizes.

Stage Referral Points (per Stage) Referral Points (Total)
I 250 250
II 250 500
III 250 750
IV 250 1,000
V 250 1,250
VI 250 1,500

Check out how the rewards will be distributed after the number of stages were increased.

Stage Recruit’s Reward Commander’s Reward
I – 100 bonds – 100 bonds
II – 200 bonds

– Inscription

– Medal for completing Stage 2 of Referral Program 2.0

– 200 bonds

– Inscription

– Medal for completing Stage 2 of Referral Program 2.0

III – 175 bonds – 175 bonds
IV – 275 bonds

– Camouflage

– Medal for completing Stage 4 of Referral Program 2.0

– 275 bonds

– Camouflage

– Medal for completing Stage 4 of Referral Program 2.0

V – 300 bonds – 300 bonds
VI – 450 bonds

– Emblem

– Medal for completing Stage 6 of Referral Program 2.0

– 450 bonds

– Emblem

– Medal for completing Stage 6 of Referral Program 2.0

After completing Stage VI – Tier VI-VII Premium vehicle of the player’s choice from the list:

– 2D style

– Tier VIII Premium vehicle of the player’s choice from the list:

– Badge

– 2D style

How Recalculation Works

With the transition to the updated stages system, your progress in Referral Program 2.0 will be recalculated.

Example: If you had 751 points before the update, then you have already received prizes for Stage 1 (500 points) but not for Stage 2 (1,000 points). When the new system goes live, your progress will be recalculated and you will receive rewards for Stage 3 (750 points) as part of the new system (under the new system, Stages 1 and 2 are equal to the old Stage 1, and their rewards have already been credited to you). Any subsequent points earned will count towards completing stage 4.

Recalculation will take place after your first battle following the release of the update.

Platoon Bonuses for Recruits

To encourage Recruits to play more battles in Platoons with their Commanders and master the basics of tanking, we’re introducing special bonuses for completing single missions. Thanks to these bonuses, Recruits playing in a Platoon with their Commander will be able to earn twice the Referral Points they normally would on their own.

Requirements for Earning Referral Points

The key to winning a battle is the active participation of all teammates, each of whom should contribute to the outcome. To earn Referral Points, both the Recruit and Commander should rank in the top 12 on their team by Battle XP earned. This condition applies to both when the Recruit is playing in a platoon with the Commander and when the Recruit is playing solo.

Daily Referral Points Limit

To help the Commander and Recruit work together in battle and keep in touch on a regular basis, we’re introducing a daily limit on Referral Points earned. Starting from Season 5, you can earn no more than 100 points per day. We’re also taking this step to avoid situations when some players enter battle and simply do nothing, thereby spoiling the game for responsible commanders. Most players won’t be affected by this restriction.

Get Your Referral Link!

Lastly, once Season 5 starts, you will be able to get a referral link directly from the official World of Tanks website. Head to the “Community” section, then click “Refer a friend” in the drop-down menu. Joining the Referral Program just got even easier and more convenient!

Source: EU Portal

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