„Dime” Future Twitch Prime Package Contents

UPDATE: Fixed starting date. It starts in 2 days.

The graphic for the new package:

The new package will include:

-4 rental vehicles: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC and Lansen C, 15% discount, and Soviet IS-2M and French AMX 13 57, with 30% and 20% discount respectively;
-x5 sets;
-commemorative medal “Summer Pass”;
-(possibly) training books;
-and the “Party Popcorn” styling set.

After some postponement of the package release date (originally planned on 11/08), it should be available on the evening of 20 August.

7 thoughts on “„Dime” Future Twitch Prime Package Contents

  1. ”it should be available on the evening of 8/8.”
    Is there a typo here ? Maybe 18/8 ?

  2. So, a twitch package that has been delayed twice in the Anniversary month doesnt have anything extra to compensate and top all previous packages?

    If WG are worried about too many special commanders, I would be fine with a special driver or gunner.

    And at this rate we wont get 12 packages a year, even though we pay monthly subscription fees…

  3. and I thought the monthly twitch package July 2020 would be followed by package July 2021…

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