Anniversary Store: New Personalisation Elements (Emblems, Inscriptions, Stickers, Style Sets)

Fire hazard!
BDR G1 B (Captured)
Kawaii tanker

Steel hunter 2019
Holiday Ops 2020
That one didn’t go through!
That one didn’t go through!
Critical hit!
Critical hit!
Open fire!
Mińsk (reproduction)
— This is the city where it all began. It is basically a form of recursion: first, virtual tanks were built in Minsk, and now virtual Minsk was created in virtual tanks.
Portrait of Elsa
Portrait of Alexandra
Portrait of Holly
Portrait of Ada
Football mistake
It’s an inevitable truth. Despite all the skills and precautions taken, the result is always the same: the ball pierces the glass.
Pizza Progetto
When you try this nutritious snack, you will experience something quite strange. Each piece will improve your Italian and make you speak like a real Italian.But remember… the effect fades when you finish your pizza. Arrivederci!
I like it when…
“… You enter the battle in a vehicle with thin and fragile armor that can be shot without targeting weak spots. Subscribe and click the bell to stay updated.
The pillar of any military unit, the glue that holds it all together and prevents it from decaying … Every solid chef follows two simple rules: be careful with baking soda and it is better to undercook than overcooking.
No Cuffs
Every battle is unique, so don’t worry, everything will work out. Play calmly or in a hurry. Choose for yourself.There will always be plenty of locations to choose from, and some cannons to kill your opponent’s hit points.
Agent Hellcat
 If we were to be faithful to the genre, this sticker should be black and white with heavy rain in the background. Imagine a gloomy monologue full of epithets, spoken in a weary and hopeless voice.
Prize box
Not needed, but it’s a pity to throw away. My garage has enough space to accommodate all those well-earned, sweat-earned rewards from various in-game events.
Armed? How is it: armed? In what? Tracks, armor, camouflage, triplex…? What do you think these Soviet heavy tanks will be armed with? Two smoking cannons, dummy!
Crouching Tiger
This is the perfect scouting tactic for Prokhorovka. Slowly, meter by meter, drive through the bushes to the K-1 sector. Oh! What do we have here? A platoon of shy and scared Maus tanks!
Hidden Dragon
After a long and fierce battle, on your way to your opponent’s base, with hit points that won’t even survive the slightest scratch, there’s nothing more refreshingthan discovering a fully functional enemy tank that has somehow retained all its hit points.
Style sets

„Spike armor” style for T78

— The T78 is a light vehicle completely unsuitable for ramming. But there are legends that when this style is applied, any crash will be tragic for the opponent. And while we like legends, we sincerely advise against testing them in reality.

„Chasseur de Carton” Style for Lorraine 40 t

—Remember, it’s just the outer shell. It is wise to mislead your opponent with an elegant solution that conceals half a meter of armor … At least that’s what the sales manager said before buying. Either way – this is not a camouflage to use on a rainy day.

 „Sense of Orentation Mk. V” Style

— Looks familiar, doesn’t it? This versatile style discreetly reminds you to keep an eye on the map. You know, every now and then. The tactical situation changes every minute, so look at the map!

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  1. The Japanese “OPEN FIRE” and the captured BDR and the “FIRE HAZARD” arent in the game.

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