WoT: Deep Dive into Equipment 2.0

A reader (dalex78) sent us this:


It’s a very good, comprehensive guide about Equipment 2.0 made by Peter “Overlord_Prime” Han.

For example, it tells which combinations of equipment are the best, feedback, ideas, and the final conclusion: „Unfortunately, it does not address the existing problems with the current equipment meta nor does it have equal impact on all vehicles in the game.”

5 thoughts on “WoT: Deep Dive into Equipment 2.0

  1. 100% agreed that rammer and vstabs or even vents are a must in a tank, so, other equipment is irrelevant most of the time.

    1. and now we can move the vents in the first slot, for a little extra bonus. with the exception of the turbo charger that i mounted on shitbarn and su130pm, and the low noise exhaust tinggie, on skorpion, i will not change anything on my tanks

  2. I’ve read this paper a few weeks ago and I thank Overlord_Prime for providing us such a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of current equipment system. But a big part of the paper focusing on Commander’s Vision System is based on wrong assumption. In the paper it is assumed that CVS works by subtract a certain value of the concealment, e.g. a moving medium tank with a concealment of 15% will become 15%-10%=5%, which is false.

    The author marked that section as “will be updated” so please don’t quote on that or use CVS instead of Coated Optics. Coated Optics is still better choice based on my testing in a majority of situations. I suppose Overlord_Prime should offer more accurate conclusions. I admire the professionalism and effort OP put in this paper. So I would feel sorry if his reputation is ruined or the methodology of the paper is questioned.

  3. Ironically, I actually liked some of the changes with Eq2.0 – with Improved Configuration on (instead of, funnily, Repair Kit which was there), my FV215b Heavy is finally not THAT useless anymore (haven’t caught any fire or ammorack yet). So it’s a good positive. 😀

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