World of Tanks Anniversary Present Confirmed

Our colleagues from Wotclue inform that the British Valiant will be given to players as a gift on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks. To get it, simply log in to the game after the start date of the event is announced.

15 thoughts on “World of Tanks Anniversary Present Confirmed

  1. I hope it can come with BT-7A…. automatically…

    As somehow I missed that…

    This thing is so crap…. so slow….
    and armor is like: if gold, all green, no gold mainly red…

    1. Yep, just looked it up in tanks gg… The gun is pathetic and the mobility even more so, unless it gets pref MM(which is unlikely) it is going to be a complete joke. The 75mm side armor allows it to reverse sidescrape well vs tier 6s, but the turret is butter for anything with over 130mm pen so no point in that either.
      Still it would be nice to pick up some of the low tier premium gifts i have missed, but i really hope there is more to this event.

      1. unless it gets pref MM(which is unlikely)

        IMHO it should have a similar MM to the Pz B2 – +0/-2

        People might argue this is too much, but statwise the Valiant cannot realistically compete against things like T-34-85, the German VKs and so on. And let’s just not talk about IS, T29, CS-44 and the rest.

  2. Says a lot about WG that they are gifting away the tank that’s considered the worst by many people.

  3. This is one gift tank I’ll be keeping. Could not care less about T-50-2, “Super” Hellcat and all the other junk but the Valiant is just so funky and goofy I have to add to my garage. 😛

    1. ya because you a new shit player huh? any you apparently care enough to even mention those tanks god you sound like an idiot. and no its a shit gift they couldve done a lot better they did not even fucking try

  4. Thanks for a tier 5 gift. But I will not take it to a ride. It’s waaaaaaaaay to slow.

  5. I missed some yearly gift tanks with my locked by the greedy WG cunts.
    Only the tier 6 might be playable as crew trainer, the lower tiers are fucked by equipment 2.0

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