Act V: New Horizons – More Info

The WoT Portal accidentally shared the content of Act V, the release of which has been postponed to an “undefined date”. The post was quickly taken down.

Here’s what to expect:

Bundles featuring legendary vehicles and unique 2D styles. For each act, we’ll be offering a different set of Legendary vehicles, each with a unique, personalized look. Act V will yield a Lorraine 40 t and a T78. In addition to a personalized appearance for each tank, these kits will include additional, unique multi-season styles based on pieces of the World of Tanks minimap referring to each act.

Additionally, some information translated from French into Polish from rkyoszet. Google translated:

Let yourself be sucked into the curves of space-time!

For each act, we’ll be launching a special Time Warp event. These are immersive and surprising attractions for the armored community, marking important moments in the history of World of Tanks. Get carried away by memories and travel back in time to the early days of our game!

The space-time warp will only be active during Active Phases. Act V: New Horizons includes a special birthday present. From August 12 to October 12, all you need to do is log in to World of Tanks to find a congratulatory message along with previously unreachable game stats from the start of your career. You will also find 7 unique vehicles in your garage, six of them were given out on previous anniversaries.

During Act V, from August 12 at 06:00 UTC to October 12 at 06:00 UTC, you will be able to get your eighth tank, the A46. To get it, play in Random Battles and complete special missions aboard one of the seven Premium vehicles offered.

Pictures of the new 2D Styles:


18 thoughts on “Act V: New Horizons – More Info

      1. I’m still amazed someone thought it would be the gift. If it is, it would be for those that never wasted a single point, or missed a mission for tokens.

  1. So Valient and A46, two really terrible brit tanks as “gifts” for the 10 years anniversary, nice one WG KEKW PepeHands

    1. But I am pretty sure there will be a lot of offerings you can buy for money, so WG can celebrate mucho meno on us playing the game for so long. And that is something, isn’t it…

  2. “You will also find 7 unique vehicles in your garage, six of them were given out on previous anniversaries.” “…aboard one of the seven Premium vehicles offered”

    Are we getting these back in garage for FREE??? I sold all of them but can recover with credits… (what a spend…)
    Will they come back with additional garage slots??? Do I just get 7 more garage slots and some credits? 🙂

    And they forgot the Toldi III. Or is that too Germany and too crap to be even included??? Just look at how many of the 7 is RASHA…. So racist and bias…

    The event is long in time. GOOD. Hopefully not too much grind for just a tier VI crap/ garage slot.

    But why even the last ACT is still not offering multiple 2D styles by anniversary coins without restriction of nation/vehicle……..

    Lorrine I understand, there are a lot of them.

    But why T78??? Don’t see many in random…. Is this thing even a premium or just some reward tank???

    And why only two vehicle specific style this time? The last four acts all have three… (my last hope for a special style of one of the things I got….)

  3. Two days ago I was credited T-127 (credits in lieu of the tank, as I have it in Garage), 1 slot and 7 days of premium. Didn’t say the reason for it, just credited my account. I asked around, and no one in my clan could verify anything similar.

      1. Thanks, but I never bought Pagan Online, never even visited any page for that game (to my knowledge), or know anything about it.

  4. So nothing worthwhile at all. During the whole 10th celebration, there’s been absolutely nothing interesting offered, absolutely nothing. Couldnt have made it weaker even if they tried…

  5. So if i sell those 6 tanks ill get them again when act V starts, so extra credits and then 6 more garage slots ?

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