WoT: EU Anniversary Act V starts on 16 August

Quoting Dwigt, WG Staff:

„Act V should start in 4 days on the EU servers and we have some exciting plans for this celebration :)”


8 thoughts on “WoT: EU Anniversary Act V starts on 16 August

  1. “we have some exciting plans for this celebration”
    like the old chat? horns? crappy sturmtiger event?
    I mean they will bring back team damage for a week or some bullshit like this.

    1. In an alternate universe fans would get your suggestions, with custom game modes and custom servers, whenever as they are free to decide how they play, not have it dictated to them, week on week from an office in Minsk.
      We might even get a map editor so that WoT could have it’s own ‘deck 16’ or ‘Dust2’.

      But alas, back to reality and instead priority is given to endless (broken) premium shite and server problems, they didn’t even bother with their Halloween event last year!

    1. I guess they finally made up their mind for taking the risk to smuggle a few employees together with the update into Poland then their Europe office and then the whole world…

      And then Sunday sounds a little bit easier to do so as people are mostly off from work 🙂 hahaahaahahaah

  2. God, have mercy and help us, an update on Sunday morning…after the Saturday night party dont even want to know how it will be.Wednesday is the patch-day coz its in the middle of week, 3 days away from the weekend rivers of vodka&deserts of cocaine and still suckkksss hard

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