Supertest: Battle Pass Season 3

Within this Supertest, we would like to test the following changes to Battle Pass Season 3:

-The mechanism of receiving Bounty Equipment and standard equipment has been changed: at certain Stages, the player will receive a Token (Tokens are different for receiving Bounty Equipment and Standard Equipment) that can be exchanged for any equipment from the special list. One Token can be exchanged for one equipment item. Thus, during Battle Pass, players will be able to receive the desired equipment.

-Displaying valuable rewards on the congratulation screens has been reworked.

Please note that the Supertest is intended for testing the technical implementation of new mechanics. The current event configurations are not final.

Source: EU Forums

7 thoughts on “Supertest: Battle Pass Season 3

  1. Now that the purple equipment we get from BP is inferior to Bonds equipment, this whole thing is a joke.

    1. Maybe get good, play ranked, cw, events or perform in randoms to get Bond Equipment.
      It is, what it should always been.
      Bond equ should worth more.
      Every pleb can get battle pass so it should be weaker by logic.

      1. Sure sure sure but then why do we have to spend 3 million more credit to UPGRADE it and then it still can only be sold for 50k (IMO, shouldn’t an upgraded one go uo to 1.5 million when selling)???

        This is like 6 time more expensive simply to get it…. And then you can’t get rid of it for a OK price.

      2. Every pleb can get bonds too, it’s just a matter of grinding away at shitty tier 10 games.

  2. It is nice to let us choose what to get…

    As for now, I’m kind of lacking several bounty VENTS (I can get bond versions, but the symbol on top right in the icon is different from the bounty one and I want the tanks having them to be all bounty ones. Joke on my weird obsession)…

    Need to grind credits to preapre upgrading them…………..

  3. Well, when I saw bounty version of Improved Configuration be in game already, I knew we would get another(was hoping we wouldn’t tho… that grind is killing me, but THOSE BONDS MAAAAAN :P… Am Curious what Trophy Equip will be for upgraded pass(I am pretty sure Bounty Improved Config is gonna be the free one…)

    1. i’m more interested in a bounty/bond turbo charger and low noise exhaust system … too bad that we don’t have that … but who knows, maybe wg will introduce them some day. but i would not chose bounty improved configuration over anything else, because it is useful only on slow tanks or turretless tds , and i don’t play them

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