WoT EU: 10 Days of Premium Account

Mission: 10 Days of Premium Account for 10 Years of WoT!

Available from August 12 at 07:00 CEST through August 22 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Log in to WoT:

  • Once per day
  • 10 times per account

Reward:  1 day of WoT Premium Account

4 thoughts on “WoT EU: 10 Days of Premium Account

  1. Let me guess…free premium days cause the server population is lower then expected, even on the summer low, after their biggest super duper bling 1.10 patch that should have attracted more players back.

    Perhaps they’ve squandered the goodwill with some part of those players.

    1. Stop your bullshitting, 1.10 is amazing and brought so much new to equipment system and game variety. You are just one of trolls who is never satisfied

      1. Oh gosh how cute.

        Btw, just so you know:
        I do like the most equip 2.0 changes, not the UI though.
        I do like most re-balancing changes, not the exclusion of those 2 premiums though. They should have nerfred them as well and refunded customers.
        And also it’s such a relief, that since 2015 after FIVE years, they have ‘so quickly’ addressed the Chinese medium tech tree like WG so quickly addresses all those balance issues in their game. Astonishing really if you think of it!

        And if you don’t like my likes, or me voicing my salty opinion after all these years…poor man.

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