10th Anniversary Act V Postponed

As previously announced, we are currently experiencing technical issues connecting to the Internet at our main development center in Minsk, Belarus. Taking this into account, we are postponing the launch of Act V of World of Tanks’s 10th Anniversary indefinitely. This decision was made to ensure that we can provide you with quality support and the best possible experience during the event. The price reduction for Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles has also been postponed and will not occur on the previously announced date. The prices for these tanks will be changed later upon further notice. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Source: EU Portal

37 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Act V Postponed

  1. How about putting 4 people on planes with memory sticks with the updates. Solved.

    1. Coronavirus would be an issue. Also, if the patch broke, there would literally be no game for however long it takes for the situation to resolve in Belarus.

    1. Yepp! Just useless average offers they want us to “buy” for their “10 year celebration”. No respect, no regards for long time players.

  2. Good luck with the march of history WG! I thought that this was part of the reason they had relocated business operations to Cyprus…just in case Belarus imploded.

  3. Their country is imploding and some of you choose to whine about overprized pixel tanks you probably buy anyway. Real mature.

    1. Thanks for revealing what actually happened.


  4. This is not to mention that for all we know the challenger was some sort of Russian plant to destabilize things so Putin would have an excuse to roll in?

  5. Anyone remember WG talked about anniversary coins need to be spent before something like 12 October or they’ll remove it???

    Why I start to have a feeling that act V will happen AFTER that………


    BTW, kama is a bitch. WG gave us the “community-loved” updated 1.10. Then they can feel the consequence about fake public wills in Minsk in their real life. This is some speedy God work right there. hahaahahahahaahah

    1. XDDD there is a country that could explode better make a comment showing how much of a moron i am on a blog.
      If karma is a bitch then you must have drown hundreds of puppies for your misery

      1. Nah…… too slow as puppies are huge.
        I have a way to deal with up to billions on tissue. hahahahahahaha 🙂

        BTW, I do believe my karma hasn’t arrived yet. God must be planning something big. hahahaahahah I’m expecting it anxiously downhere on Earth.

      2. “Seufzer”
        who gives a SHIT
        communist game in a communist country, get lost, both the game and the country

  6. In Belarus there is great violence, the internet has been shut down, thousands have been arrested and injured, the dictator is fighting his people around, and you are whining about a shit event of a computer game. are you still ticking right? what are your priorities? selfishness first? mainly you have fun, no matter if people die? inform yourself before you write this garbage here. the world is not just about you.

    1. Apparently the game is a priority for many. Politics in a far away country not.

      1. Just look at it this way, video games help distract people from the horrible shit going on. This is especially true in the US where a lot of people feel like their gov’t has abandoned them during this crisis.

      2. Exactly.

        Just to put it this way, I only knew about the crap going on in that small, no one cares corner called Belarus cause WG failed to deliver on time again. The news I read still haven’t talk about it at all even today… (another comi corner nothing to do with business)

        Probably WG is just using the event as a “blame-free” and self pity cover up. Cause their outsourcing IT failed to deliver crap content on time AGAIN. I still blame WG for being mean and paying so little for outsourcing. Delaying is merely a conequence of that.

    2. My priority??? Simply “America First” then…

      Belarus is not America. IDGAF
      WG is not in America. IDGAF

      But I’m playing the game you guess where.


    3. Do shut up.
      They have offices all over Europe. The servers are in France and Germany.
      One office without internet should not halt a multi billion dollar company.

      1. Though they use a central distribution point for all regions.

        If they finished the 10th Anniversary thingy just 24h after the internet around them, being Belarus/Minks, was shut down they are essentially f-ed. Just like any other company that does int. business from inside Belarus.
        Bare of smuggling out a USB stick they now just have no way of distributing the new client/server version with the 10th Anniversary content.

        I reckon that after this is past, WG will reconsider some things.

  7. It’s very bad what happening in that country and to the common folk wanting change. The current internet shutdown reflects on all business there who do business online locally and internationally.

    I do follow some excellent foreign content creators who live in Minsk and I’m a bit worried for a few of ’em who came out of a rough period recently. Lets hope they can still film their Belarusian adventures in the countryside when this is over.

    1. Look, I did a simple maths like this:

      Population of Belarus: near 10 million (by Google), for simplicity let’s say 10 million.

      Vote result ANNOUNCED: dictator has more than 80%. To prove a point, let’s just lower it down to 80% exact.

      So, let’s say all the rest 20% is NAY to him. Assuming all population vote (way higher than truth), then there will be at most 2 million people against him (I acknowledge that is a lot).

      Let’s say 10% of these 2 million people (haters/people want changes, whatever you want to call them) are extreme/active enough that attend the protest. The you’ll need about 200,000 people…

      Do any of you see these amount in any news clip????
      I guess add the police in, maybe there is a chance….
      So, that vote might be true. It’s just the 20% being unhappy are super violent as hell.

      Also, that person compaign against the dictator is a ENGLISH teacher. Not maths teacher, not russian teacher but English… (I see that as an indication of existence of Langley behind this?)


        1. I wish you are right.

          I just hope the cry babies where I am can do the right thing. So that after 4 Nov, big T continues, and RASHA is removed.

          And RASHA’s little chicken countries can STFU for good. Yes, I mean you, Belarus (and especially WG). hahaahaahahaahaahahaahah

          1. No worries. Even if Sleepy Joe took the position, America is still relatively safe. Slavs and Slant eyes broke up 50 years ago, and they’re alreay breaking up again, this time without the Americans to hold them back. You need only to sit in front of your TV and watch East Front 2.0 unfold.

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