Supertest: Adding Encounters Mode and Map Changes

Today, we are testing new changes and modes on some maps.

1. Testing Encounter Battle mode on a number of maps 

Encounter Battle has been added for the following maps:



Serene Coast



The bases and the respawn zones have been placed according to Encounter Battle mode specifics.

These balance changes (valid for Standard Battle and Encounter Battle) have been introduced to the Westfield map to provide both teams with equal opportunities to use positions and take action in battle.

2. Rebalancing the Erlenberg map 

The central part of the map has been reworked. (Yellow area)

The changes are valid for Standard Battle, Encounter Battle, and Assault modes.

The goal of these changes is:

To remove the imbalance in Encounter Battle mode.

To improve the quality of battles in this area.

Changes: new passages and positions to successfully take action in battle have been provided.

Changes: the river crossing for the upper team has been improved.

Let us know if you like these changes and additions!

Take care!

Source: WGEU Forums

4 thoughts on “Supertest: Adding Encounters Mode and Map Changes

  1. Pretty sure everyone disabled every other gamemode as soon as they introduced the map blacklist feature because it only works in regular battles.

  2. I like these changes, encounter is better than regular (PPL camp more here), so hopefully WG wont screw it 🙂

  3. I only have standard battles selected . That wont change . And i love how there go to changes for any map is just to make it so tds can no longer shoot that area, Erlenberg problem is the one side cant play the heavy line in the city bc it has no spots to sit for heavies has nothing to do with the tds or med lines . but always the only changes they are making are to block long rang shots. Love how playing smart from a distance in tanks that are suppose to play like that are punished. Noticed with this update you get almost no xp in tds anymore getting top damage and being last for xp happens a lot and no its not always just bc I shoot from the edge of the map . Even when i play the e3 or badger up front tds get so much less xp for doing damage , kills , and assist. TDs are not the cause of bad games in wot its mm, arty, rng, wheelies, and players throwing games at the start bc xvm tells them its a lose, this is a huge problem on NA ill see the best clans just suicide bc they dont like the team there on. It effects everyone else so much unlike RU and EU where carrying is considered and honor but on NA they said on the forums we are not carrying baddies or reds well what about players who are green and getting better everyday . I imagine how much better my stats would be if that really good player would give me a chance to play with him and do the best i can to support each other. Yes there is new players and bad players but there is also a lot of players like me who are really trying to improve and I will look for a top clanner player and do my best to support him and learn from him so give those battles a chance . Recently since I improved a bit I been getting a lot of GGs and thanks for the help. I may not be a super unicom but all i want to do is improve and help the best players win games .

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