Update 1.10: Common Test 2 Has Started!

Source: EU Portal. The second Common Test for Update 1.10 is now available!

Progetto M35 mod. 46 and Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) Characteristics Fixing

The introduction of the previously announced changes to the Italian and French vehicles during the Common Tests resulted in a lively discussion among the game community. This was because these changes were not properly communicated to the community. Changes to the Premium vehicles were the result of complex rebalances of researchable vehicles. Together, these actions contradict one of our basic rules: do not decrease the battle performance of Premium vehicles.

Reasons for Rebalance

First of all, let us take a closer look at the reasons for the rebalance. Both the Italian branch of medium tanks and the French branch of wheeled vehicles needed a rebalance. Over time, the autoreloading mechanics have become an increasingly effective tool on the battlefield, especially in competitive modes. The French wheeled vehicles became unrivaled scouts—when commanded by experienced players, they are an extremely tough adversary. All these factors meant a rebalance of these branches was required with the intent of keeping their gameplay features and adjusting their battle performance.

Rebalance of the Premium Vehicles

However, consistency in this approach affected the Premium vehicles, too—namely the Progetto M35 mod. 46 and the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10). Following the results of the first Common Test for Update 1.10, we made a decision that the changes to the Progetto M35 mod. 46 and Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) would be compensated for with individual improvements to the battle performance for the Progetto M35 mod. 46 and individual physics settings for the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10). In this way, these vehicles would keep their level of battle performance after the Update.

The Gun Rammer can no longer be mounted on the Progetto M35 mod. 46. However, its gun handling parameters will be improved to the level it would have been with the standard Gun Rammer equipped.

The characteristics of the standard Gun Rammer (not the Improved/Bounty Rammer) will be used for the improvement. Considering the fact that the vehicle basically receives one slot for equipment (which is especially interesting in the context of upcoming Equipment 2.0), improving the reload times to the level of the Improved/Bounty Rammer would make the vehicle far too powerful.

As a result, the parameters that were affected by the Gun Rammer on the Progetto M35 mod. 46 will remain unchanged.

Without the Gun Rammer mounted (before) With the Gun Rammer mounted (before) Without the Gun Rammer mounted (after)
Autoreloading time of the first shell: 11.5 sec

Autoreloading time of the second shell: 8.6 sec

Autoreloading time of the third shell: 7.7 sec

Damage per minute: 1,877 HP

Autoreloading time of the first shell: 10.4 sec

Autoreloading time of the second shell: 7.8 sec

Autoreloading time of the third shell: 6.9 sec

Damage per minute: 2,086 HP

Autoreloading time of the first shell: 10.4 sec

Autoreloading time of the second shell: 7.8 sec

Autoreloading time of the third shell: 6.9 sec

Damage per minute: 2,086 HP

Crew 100% bonus is considered

As for the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), the reworked mechanics of damage to the wheel suspension will affect the vehicle. However, we will compensate for this with individual physics settings, and the behavior of the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) within the new system will not differ in any way from its behavior in the current version of the game. As a result, the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) will basically remain the same as before the introduction of the system changes to the mechanics of damage to the wheel suspensions.

Please share your thoughts regarding these announced changes.

Equipment 2.0

One of the main highlights of this Common Test is the updated Equipment 2.0 system. We’re entering the final stretch of this massive testing, so join the Common Test and seize your chance to try out the reworked Equipment concept! Feel free to get the lowdown on the changes to this fundamental feature from the dedicated articles (here, here, and here).

Here’s a brief list of some key suggestions and changes to the equipment system that you can try out during this Common Test:

  • Introducing new types of equipment, including those combining the advantages of several items.

As a result of the rework of the Equipment system, all Tier V lower vehicles will no longer have the opportunity to mount Gun Rammer, as well as some other modules. To avoid reducing the combat effectiveness of Tier V Premium lower vehicles, similar to the Progetto M35 mod. 46, we will improve the characteristics of these tanks. These changes are not available during the second Common Test, but will be available during the third iteration of Common Test.

  • Introducing categories for slots and equipment. In the new system, there will be four special categories: firepower, survivability, mobility, and scouting. Each type of equipment will be assigned a category, and some items (for example, Ventilation) will be assigned all four categories. If the equipment’s category corresponds to the category of the slot in which it is placed, then the equipment will provide an increased bonus to the vehicle.
  • Changing the number of available slots for equipment, consumables, and directives for Tier I–IV vehicles.

Tier I will no longer receive damage to their crew members or modules. Only their tracks can be damaged, but they’ll be repaired quickly.

Tier II will receive damage to modules, but their crew members can’t be injured. Fire will deal low damage to these vehicles.

Tier III will receive damage to their modules and crew members. Like Tier II, fire will deal low damage.

Tier IV can’t use Directives, but in general won’t change compared to its current state.

Tier V–X won’t change compared to their current state in terms of module/crew/fire damage/Directives.

  • Dividing equipment into classes. All equipment (with the exceptions of Camouflage Net and Spall Liner) will be divided into three classes with different costs and vehicle tier limits.
  • Unifying existing and new equipment. Different versions of some equipment items for vehicles in the game will be reclassified into three classes based on price (for example, there will be three Enhanced Suspensions instead of 21).
  • Conversion conditions. In general, old equipment will be replaced by new equipment, taking into account the specifics of the reworked system. More details can be found in this article.
  • Interface improvements. There will be no tank modules in the redesigned equipment panel. The Repair button will replace the Service button. The resupply of ammunition and consumables will also occur in new windows that are simple and user-friendly. The windows for selecting equipment and directives will become more convenient.
  • All types of equipment will have the “drag and drop” feature, making it more convenient to interact with them.

Menacing Polish Medium Tanks Are Coming!

In 2018, we added Polish heavy tanks to the game. They quickly gained popularity and found their place in World of Tanks. Since then, we’ve been working on various development options for this nation while looking for potential candidates with unusual and exciting gameplay. Now we’re ready to show off the new reinforcements for the Polish brigade of steel predators.

In Update 1.10, seven Polish medium tanks will join the game. We’re introducing a whole new branch consisting of six researchable tanks, from Tier V to Tier X, and one Premium Tier VIII vehicle.

The new Polish medium tank branch will start after the Tier IV 14TP. These Winged Hussars are versatile vehicles with good gun depression angles, mobility, and maneuverability. Able to play on any terrain, they’re destined for mid-to-close combat.

The crown jewel of the new medium line is the CS 63, a Tier X vehicle featuring a gas-turbine engine. Because of this unique mechanic, this top-tier vehicle boasts two different speed modes—standard and rapid. When you switch to rapid mode, the engine power increases while the vehicle’s top speed and acceleration dynamics go up. At the same time, gun stabilization and aiming time worsen, making it harder to reliably hit enemies.

This unusual mechanic is now ready for preliminary testing, so take this Polish hurricane for a spin and share your thoughts! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated article revealing more about the new Polish tanks and their gameplay.

The testing of other features for this massive update is also ongoing. Join Common Test 2 right now and give us your feedback to help further improve Pearl River, the new in-battle communication system, the revamped bonds mechanics, Steel Hunter, and other new features.

34 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Common Test 2 Has Started!

  1. So… with the rammer on progetto gone, but buff to DPM to compensate…that means that vents/BIA will actually increase DPM by larger margin….which means that this change literally fucking buffs Progetto46 DPM….. WG you are truly wonderful

    1. we nerf all italian tanks because they are too good, da da da, but but, we buff premium tank, because we have no clue how to balance the game, da da cyka

      1. Cyka Blyat, we russian motherfuckers…. We know maths the klingon way


  2. What a bunch of inconsistent stupid morons. The nerf to the tier 8 Progetto was actually the only one that was warranted and a good thing. But now buffing the default DPM and thus giving it a better improvement with BiA, Vent’s etc. is… I don’t even know what to say…. what the fuck.

    1. Its the same DPM before with a rammer and after 1.10 without a rammer. The only difference now is prog46 owners will be using VSTAB, Vents, and Optics for their equipment. Basically we get better default DPM and use of a VSTAB to fix its lackluster gun handling.

      I think I should install a water vacuum on my progetto to collect all the salty tears this will generate.

        1. Not really as its a matter of perspective. Progetto owners are happy while non prog owners are being salty children who will be more likely to want the tank now.

  3. Thank you to all the idiots tahat whined about the progetto ! Now mine will be even more oppresive ! Im really thankful ,really .

    1. Itll be so fun, go from being the best tier 8 med by a significant margin to definitely better by a large margin

  4. Ok, so, stupid WG, sandbox ur mum…

    You fackers squiz equipment 2.0 into this update with only less than 10 days in total on sandbox???


    &&& no nerf to premium BUTTTTTTTT, still nerfs to standard B and tier X????


    U nerf Italian tier X, when the next ranked battle reward has a 3D style SPQR for it….

    Fucking Klingons WG

  5. I can’t believe this BS. They are ‘nerfing’ a OP tank by giving it a free Equipment slot?!! WTF man. And thet EBR75 is going to stay as is? FU WG.

  6. The dumbest update in a long time. The Tier VIII Progetto was the only tank that needed the nerf out of the entire line. Instead WG opt to nerf the tech tree vehicles but actually, through some weird mental gymnastics, buff the tier VIII premium?

    I bet the fucking thing goes on sale once the patch hits as well.

    Stupidity incarnate.

  7. Always the same god damn greed story at Wargaming…

    For once in quite some patches IMO 1.10 would bring some good features….and in true WG fashion they single handedly managed to TOTALLY FUCK UP the goodwill of those few good features in 1.10…by choosing GREED way out, by reverting the slight nerfs to two somewhat toxic premium tanks.

    …instead of showing they are MEN with actual BALLS!! That swallow their greed and pride and offer a partial refund to those who wanted to.

    This would have been much better for the game, as that would open up the way to rebalance more toxic payed content.

    Ps. btw I’m still on the fence about the equipment 2.0 and how they’ll release it (demount kits or demount all mounted equipment wow style).

    1. So much salt from non prog46 owners lol

      This is a nice buff because we get to skip out on using a rammer while keeping the rammer DPM. Effectively we can mount a VSTAB in place of where the rammer used to be on top of using the old vents and optics.

      I was worried about them nerfing the prog but WG quickly turned around and for whatever reason buffed it instead lol…wtf.

      1. Dude the progetto needed the nerf thou, it’s literally better than every other tier 8 med in the game outside of armor, it has better dmp, especially after 1.10, the flexibility of a single shot tank and an auto loader, its fast as hell and has decent camo, and to top it all off now you can load vents vstabs optics combo and hit 470 view range easily to outspot literally everything, and you’re gonna tell me that’s good and healthy for the game and a step in the right direction to bringing the game back to a more balanced and less retarded state than it is now

        Thou I guess I dont know anything I’m only a 2800-3000 recent player who’s had the chance to experience pc xbox and blitz over the course of the last 8 years, while we’re at it let’s buff the defender too since we apparently dont care about buffing over performing tanks and ruining the game environment for everyone

        1. Its gun handling isn’t the greatest, its mobility is average, it has no armor, its so so.

          As much as people cry about the tank the only time its a threat is in the hands of a capable player. Most players who own one have no fucking clue how to play it and just yolo in and dump the clip like an autoloader.

          for the record I have a 57% winrate in mine after roughly 600 games.

      2. This salt is about the state of affairs, not specifically about the Prog46:
        Nerf too strong premiums (rewards) > give consumer (part) of their money back if they bought it directly with money.

        This should’ve opened up the way for further nerfs on premium content that is better superior then their tech tree counterparts on their own tier.

        That’s it, balancing the games content, showing the balls and take the fall by refunding if some content was originally paid for.
        THAT would be the only and right approach.

      3. I have both the Progetto 46 and the EBR 75. But unlike you, I care about the balance of the game and I don’t need to play overpowered tanks to brush up my underdevloped ego. I had not objections to nerfing them whatsoever, because these tanks should have been nerfed.

        It was pathetic of WG to capitulate (and to release them without proper testing in the first place) and pathetic of people like you to get hysterical about it.

  8. Yes, buff the tank i wasn’t able to buy… SU-76I isn’t op already lol

  9. Good to see that WG sometimes holds its end of the bargain.
    Yes, some prems are OP but after OP prems are nerfed, how would anyone know if other vehicles, prem or not, will be nerfed to make OP prems OP again or not?
    But no, human are that short-sighted.

  10. We miss You, SerB… 🙁 Trere was good times, when You nerfing and buffing tanks… We miss those days. 🙁

    1. Interesting comment given that his job at WG was just running day to day operations and managing future content update planning. Other co founders had more involvement in the balancing than he did.

  11. So they ended up buffing it instead of nerfing it. Now you can mount something else and still have the same dpm you did with rammer mounted?
    If I’m right, then the balancing department and the crybabies can burn a slow painful death, for all I care.

    Get raped to death by multiple cocks, you fistfucking whores! Now I’m going to cry like a fucking bitch until ALL premium tanks gets the same deal.


    1. You are helping your cause by talking like that, mate. Other than that, however, I completely agree.

  12. So funny to see all the people complain about the progetto not getting nerfed. Not sure if they are all blind or not but there are other OP/broken tier prems in the game that need nerffing, including defender, 703, E25, skorp, 432, Somua SM,… and a bunch of other low tier prems like pzb2, pz38h, the prem t-28 that destroys the low tiers, also the tier 10 rewards like Chieftain, 907, 279(why not complaing 24/7 about those). There are so many tanks that are op yet all of the players keep ranting about the progetto not getting nerfed…

    1. They are ranting because the fail to nerf the EBR and Progetto 46 demonstrate clearly that all those other tanks you mentioned will never be nerfed either. People where hoping these would be a first step towards better balancing of premium tanks. Now we know that nothing will ever change, and that is why people complain.

      1. Well, it’s WG’s fault in the first place that they keep making tanks that overperform, not necessarly overpowered (tho there are plenty of those aswell), but just being better than the other prems or tech tree conterparts, like Skorp, basically one of the most if not the most sold tanks, and it was released 4 years ago and it’s still really good, and was/still is just better in almost every way than the borisg, ferdi, jp2. Same with newer tanks, 432, bourrasque, renegade, they all are tunned just a bit to much. And WG keeps releasing them, and people expect WG to nerf/balance them, that will never happen…

  13. with the Progetto marathon/multiple sales/WG GIVING IT FOR FREE to veteran players I am surprised that most people dont own it already …..I for myself welcome this change-but to be honest im down to about 3 battles a day now(from 2-3 hours a day) and gradually losing interest(if that is even possible at this point) I was rooting for them for a long time,giving them the benefit of doubt at every questionable step they made….but its all over…they are beyond saving

  14. It was obious they couldnt nerf progetto only because its prem and we paid for some stats ppl who didnt get it (even tho it had an event to get it free) too bad now mine is going to be even better this is how wg works dont know why ppl still complaining if u stay quiet they wouldnt touch things that werent needed.

  15. Why they removed gun rammer from hetzer?It’s useless now.This update prove that they don’t know nothing about how to balance this game.

  16. Omg lots of crying debile’s who can’t play other than op tanks like progetto lol
    I lovet this change for progeto. I will smile when crybabies fail

  17. So they nerf and then buff the FL10 so it’s still OP, it’s it a premium in a pay 2 win game or something?

  18. WTF WG, just WTF.
    Just remove the gun rammer to all italian mediums and thats it NO MORE BUFF OR NERF NEEDED. DONT nerf aiming and accuracy on tier 10…
    No and i does not have the progetto tier 10 but this is stupid. They are just overnerfing it…
    Also retarded EBR not nerfed gg wg

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