Update 1.10: Arzagir 4.04, Pearl River Minimaps

The Arzagir 4.04 map is available only for the Steel Hunter mode.

Type of battles: Battle Royale;
Map size: 2 x 2 km;

In the mode, there will probably be two locations available: last year’s Zone 404 and Arzagir 4.04.

Pearl River:

Types of battles: Encounter battle, Random battle;
For tiers III-X;
Map size: 1 x 1 km;
Summer map.

2 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Arzagir 4.04, Pearl River Minimaps

  1. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if WG used parts/area’s of the Frontline maps and Steelhunter mode maps to make a few new maps out of them to add to randoms.

    Like they had done with Homefront and the city area of the summer Frontline map.

    1. I have been saying that WG should be using maps the size of FL, or bigger, and then using dynamic sizing of the play area based on the tiers, 1k x 1k should be the smallest for tiers 8-10, and randomly picking where the play area will be.

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