Supertest: Waffenträger auf E 100 (P), Jagdtiger (H) Complete Changes

For the Chinese server only. Do not expect those tanks to arrive on other servers.

Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) [ 🇩🇪Germany, TD X, premium, price: 💰30 000 gold]

  • Reverse speed: 15 12 km/h
  • Repair cost: 14000 12000 credits
  • Rate Of Fire: 4.72 4.44 rounds/min
  • Reload time between autoloader shells: 2 3 s
  • Penetration: 276/352/65 246/311/65 mm
  • DMG: 560/560/700 490/490/630
  • Shell speed: 1200/1500/1200 920/1150/920 m/s
  • Damage Per Minute: 2641/3301 2174/2795 (AP/HE)
  • Shell price: 1260/4400/1055 1070/4800/935

Jagdtiger (H) [ 🇩🇪Germany, TD VIII, premium]

  • HP: 1600 1500
  • Repair cost: 9600 9000 credits
  • Aim spread during movement: 0.18 (6.84) 0.2 (7.60)
  • Aim spread during rotation: 0.18 (3.75) 0.2 (4.17)
  • Accuracy: 0.34 0.35

Russian tanks (Object 777 IIC and Object 257 (P) ) have not seen any major changes. In addition, all 4 vehicles lost the “Secret” tag.

Source: Dom1n

9 thoughts on “Supertest: Waffenträger auf E 100 (P), Jagdtiger (H) Complete Changes

    1. Probably a way to tell WG employees or super testers to not share info on it, although I could be wrong

    2. All the tanks are in game client, but those with a “Secret” tag won’t be displayed in the comparison tab.

  1. I was so shocked when I read the title until I saw “Chinese Server only”.

  2. So the WG cunts are nerfing the WT E100 even on the chinese server, that is how impossibly broken was that TD.

    1. Fochss are not broken at all? FV4005 or FV183…can one shot you…what is worse? WTE needs to penetrate each shot and reloads for ages + its super huge rear mounted paper turret. WG thieves.

      1. How many times did they one shot you? Or better if you have one of those tanks, how many times did you one shot someone? Did you even play when wtfe100 was around? I’m judging you not, because if you would u never compared favas deathstars to wtfe100 broken lvl.

        1. I want my WT100 back!!!!!!
          Those were the days…….. :`(
          Advance, sight the first enemy Tier X tank… first on the tracks, empty your clip, receive one shot, retreat to conveniently reload, one kill…. XD

    2. I don’t think this is WG. This if the Chinese company that run the game in China that fell out with WG so don’t get new patches. They sell everything they can on that server to milk the population.

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