July Twitch Prime Package Pictures

Unique Commander “Julia Cesare”;

Commemorative medal “Summer Pass” – An unique medal.

Unique inscription “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

More pictures:

Source: wotclue

7 thoughts on “July Twitch Prime Package Pictures

  1. If she is only for the Italian tech tree, it is perfect for the (someday) coming Italian Heavies.

    1. Just picked up the package, can confirm she will stay in barracks unrecruited through 12/31/2020

  2. She looks like a mix of Captain Janeway and Debvua (Madagascar 3

    Ps. Both good things

  3. Thank you WG for coming to your senses!
    The unique Commander WAS THE REAL star of Twitch Prime and not your dumb feebies and a single skin with token Premium Tank rentals that you shrunk from 14 days to a miserly 7 days

    WG must have seen Twitch Prime was dwindling away and Amazon/ Twitch must have noticed a reduction of linked accounts due to the DISSAPOINMENT of crap monthly packages

    £7.99 a month for that, fork off!

    rant over,

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