July Twitch Prime Package Pictures

Unique Commander “Julia Cesare”;

Commemorative medal “Summer Pass” – An unique medal.

Unique inscription “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

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Source: wotclue

7 thoughts on “July Twitch Prime Package Pictures

  1. If she is only for the Italian tech tree, it is perfect for the (someday) coming Italian Heavies.

  2. She looks like a mix of Captain Janeway and Debvua (Madagascar 3

    Ps. Both good things

  3. Thank you WG for coming to your senses!
    The unique Commander WAS THE REAL star of Twitch Prime and not your dumb feebies and a single skin with token Premium Tank rentals that you shrunk from 14 days to a miserly 7 days

    WG must have seen Twitch Prime was dwindling away and Amazon/ Twitch must have noticed a reduction of linked accounts due to the DISSAPOINMENT of crap monthly packages

    £7.99 a month for that, fork off!

    rant over,

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