Update 1.10: first public test

If everything goes according to plan, the first public test of update 1.10 (formerly 1.9.2) will start tomorrow. In the patch, we can expect news that have been running through the Supertest server in recent months, including probably the Pearl River map. Changes in the upcoming patch:

-A branch of Polish medium tanks has been added;
-Redesign of the Pearl River map to HD quality;
-The following maps were redesigned: Prokhorovka, Ruinberg and Cliff;
-Buff of the following tanks:
USSR: IS-4, ST-I, KV-4, KV-3;
USA: T110E5, M103, T32;
Germany: E 100, E75, Tiger II, Tiger I, VK 36.01 (H);
Nerf of the following tanks:
Italy: Progetto M40 mod. 65, Prototipo Standard B;
USSR: Object 430U, Object 430;
-Addition of special and premium tanks for testing by Supertest players;
-Steel Hunter mode added;
-New personalization elements.

The patch 1.10 release is planned for August.

66 thoughts on “Update 1.10: first public test

  1. Steel hunter mode addded ? Does that mean we will be able to play it on the common test ?

  2. why the hell do wg nerf italian meds? it is not like are overpowered …. and no nerfs to the wheeled nightmares….

      1. no, they are not too good. i never heard anybody complaining about them. but i heart a lot of people complaining about wheeled nightmares, and yet they didn’t touch them

        1. Nice moving the goalpost.. Just because you never heard anybody complain doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Reality is that the Progetto alone was played more than other techtree tanks in the Ranked Battles.

          I also hear people complain about the Tiger still it is fine as it is.

              1. WG said they’re nerfing Progetto 65 because they’re overperforming on RU server. I’m not defending WG and I kinda disagree with their decision too. WG only listens to RU players.

                1. Mate, that data is from the RU server and it’s not overperforming there either.

              2. maybe not overperforming in winrate, but after the cw reward tanks, the progetto has the highest average damage, even higher than 430u

                1. It has the highest average damage because all unicums are using it skewing the reliability of damage stats in balancing.

      2. Funny joke. Why does the Progetto actually do worse than player winrate for high skill players?

      3. sure….thats why you almost NEVER see then in ClanWars… -,-
        because are fuckin too good !! especially when MISERY like 430U get what nerf??? FCKIN 270 MM WEKAPOINTS ?!?!

        just misery

  3. again fuck you WG, italian tier 10 does not deserve a nerf and im not the only one saying that,i can bet theres 1000+ players thinking the same,else than that its good

    1. Ah yes yes if many say it, it must be true.. Check the goddam reality and stop bitching maybe then you realize that the nerf was deserved.

        1. If you base everything on winrate sure. But if you look beyond that and take into consideration not only the EU server you will see that the progetto is too overperforming and the nerf is ok.

          1. Then provide the stats of it that show it’s OP. Winrate tells a LOT about the tank and it shows it doesnt make people perform over their skill level thus is not OP.

          2. and YOU stop bitching around and look at reality,and activate ur brain so you realize the nerfs are very uncnecessary

        2. maybe not overperforming in winrate, but after the cw reward tanks, the progetto has the highest average damage, even higher than 430u

          1. It has the highest average damage because all unicums are using it skewing the reliability of damage stats in balancing.

          2. So let’s look at the numbers for each “server” (provided via wotlabs.net)
            7th in dmg (2302)
            136th in wr (51.3%)
            25th in wn8 (1754)
            ave 206 battles
            9349 players

            7th in dmg (2357)
            132nd in wr (52.17%)
            23rd in wn8 (1776)
            ave 136 battles
            11908 players

            2nd in dmg (2572)
            49th in wr (54.97%)
            13th in wn8 (2023)
            ave 177 battles
            11108 players

            So NA and EU are fairly close in the stats, RU is the outlier. I mean you have 21257 players that are playing roughly the same average number of battles in it and they are seeing fairly similar results. I would have to say that the tank is only over performing in RU. The question needs to be why is RU the odd ball? Are RU players that much better than EU and NA players or is there something else going on?

    2. Yeah, there are more than 1000 players thinking it shouldn’t be nerfed. And there are a lot more than that who already have one or are grinding up that line.

  4. Thanks WG

    So never again will i research through a new Tech Tree branch up to T10 and buy the T9 and the T10 as my reward for my time grinding a new Tech tree right through, its a waste of my Fu__ing effort time and expensive Gold and pisse_ me off a lot

    Anyone! who thinks that a complete new Tech Tree in WOT released by WG ~ who a year later goes Nefring the hell out of the top 2 tiers and is ok with it, they are just simply stupid

    But hey a new Polish Tech tree!
    which will doubtless be fu__ed over and nerfed by WG in 2022 after YOU ALL grind it through to T10 ~ go enjoy getting screwed over in a tear or so time, its a 50/50 gamble guys

    1. People complain about too strong tanks:
      WG nerfs them -> REEE NOT MY TANK!!!
      WG doesn’t nerf them -> REEE WHY NO NURF WGEEE???

      Ah this community never fails to deliver

      1. Yep why bother grinding at all its why I play my tierv5 premiums and 8 strictly.. Ebr nerfs… Why did I even bother grinding it.. People here think a kv1 view range is too good… The fuck. Is wrong with people…

      2. Only tomatoes were crying for a Progetto nerf, it was anything but OP.

  5. Italian tanks are making too many snapshots and ricochet too many shells.

    But of course there are many other tanks way more broken.

    1. Except that Progetto 65 has 3rd worst gun handling of T10 meds, and the ricochet part isn’t even that useful, because in order to do anything you have to expose your turret, which is paper. Plus anyone firing HEAT just pens your upper plate anyway.

    2. I bounced way too many shots on Progetto 65 turret and for that matter on STB-1 too for it to be just a coincidence.

      1. STB-1 was designed to have a good turret armor in the game.

  6. USSR: ST-I, KV-4, KV-3;
    << those deserve it!

    Germany: E 100, E75, Tiger II, Tiger I, VK 36.01 (H);
    << those too 😀 (but why not TigerP!!!?`) … also i want my old vka back

    Nerf of the following tanks:
    Italy: Progetto M40 mod. 65, Prototipo Standard B;
    << we all saw that one coming… a year ago

      1. Those who did not either don’t play the game or pad stats in those tanks. They are the best autoloaders in the game simply because they have autoloaders with no fucking weaknesses or tradeoffs.

        If people think this is fine, they need help.

        1. No weaknesses except for literally worst T10 med DPM (and that’s if you only ever fire single shot), 3rd worst gun handling, no armor except in one spot (which isn’t useful because it’s not your turret, so going hull down doesn’t actually help). Hmmm.

          You can go on wot-news or wot-life and see the statistics yourself. Progetto 65 is not overperforming.

          1. “Worst T10 med DPM if you only fire single shots” hahahahahaha yes, I heard Tortoise has worst DPM in WoT if you only fire once every 30 seconds for no God damn reason!

            1. Not true: Progetto has worse DPM if you only fire once every 30 seconds for no God damn reason!

              1. No insulting other players or you will be banned from the forum.

            2. Looks like someone has no idea how to properly calculate DPM. Instead of shitty level trolling I would advise you to go back to school and learn mathematics because it’s clearly a skill you are lacking .

            3. Firing only single shots is the theoretical maximum DPM that the Progetto can achieve. The more shells in the clip you fire, the worse your DPM gets. This is not an IS-3A.

          2. Oh wow, so many weaknesses…

            DPM – the only autoloaders with DPM worth a damn are T69, T54E1 and T57 Heavy, and that is their niche and they pay for it with trash aim time and gun handling. Bad DPM has always been a weakness for autoloaders, not sure why ITA meds having bad DPM should not be a thing.

            Gun handling – Progetto 65 has the BEST gun handling among Tier 10 autoloaders, as well as the second best aim time (best is TVP T50/51 iirc). Might not be retarded like on LT 100 but again, best for its tank type.

            Armor – Find me an autoloader with actual serviceable armor? Even the American autoloaders rely on odd angles and RNG to bounce shots.

  7. FFFUUU WG. Standard B is fun to play now you make it another boring tank. Maybe the tier 10 Progetto was a bit too good but the tier 9 was fine.

    Also the nerfs on the Obj 430u are laughable. you add “weakspots” that can be penetrated only by HEAT and only if you are lucky. I own OBj430U and is OP as fuk. Add weakspot on turret like on Obj 140 and it will be fine.

  8. Well the Prog 65 isnt russian, and it has been doing well. The nerf can always go back but not likely.

  9. Russian nerfs: 300->295mm cupolas
    Russian buffs: 66->310mm turret roof

    Everyone else buffs: 280->282mm turret face/ufp
    Everyone else nerfs: damage/accuracy/speed/armor cut by 35%

    xaxaxa is of balans

    279e/268 4/430u are all overpowered and will remain as such, maybe now the IS-4 with its new 400mm armor all around will join the OP ruskie clan. This game was already pathetic years ago, but WG manages to make it even shittier with every game revision.

    1. 268V4 and 430U are doing just fine on the RU server. Now explain your biggest audience that you nerf tanks that aren’t an issue. Good luck with that.

      1. Oh really? Let me check RU server stats

        430U – 55% WR, second highest WR, behind 58% 907
        268 v4 – 56% WR, first place, followed by 55% obj 268
        279e – 64% WR, first in the rank by far.

        Now, since you asked, let me explain to the biggest audience:
        the vehicles are overpowered and therefore should be nerfed. If you don’t like balance, enjoy the game dying faster and NEVER having a competitive pro scene.

        1. 430U performs worse than the E 50M, STB TVP and Patton
          268V4 is still in the values you can expect.
          279e I didn’t mention as it is a reward tank and thus isn’t directly compareable

      2. 430U is slightly overperforming and the bobject is massively overperforming on the Russian server. Maybe stop spreading misinformation about things you have no idea of.

          1. All the time you complain about ppl spreading misinformation and say that the nerfs to the Progetto are justified because ppl should not only look at winrate and then you post THIS to prove someone else wrong. That’s gold.
            If you go by this there are so many more tanks “over performing” and deserving an nerf and certainly not the Progetto which is barely moving past 50% winrate on EU or RU…

            Look, even if we accept that the Progetto’s need a bit of a nerf, which I am not, they are CLEARLY overdoing it, even you have to realize that. If they are going through with the proposed nerfs from the supertest then they make them absolutely trash-tier. Removing the option to mount a rammer OR nerfing the gun handling and other shit would’ve been enough, but ALL of that at once is just beyond overkill.

            1. He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

              He states that the Progetto is OP then posts this list as proof that the 430U is average but on this list the Progetto is clearly below the 430U.

          2. Wait, wait, wait let me get this right.

            You are saying the Progetto is OP and deserves a nerf.
            You are saying that the 430U has average performance.
            When I called you out you posted this list saying that it’s worse than E 50M, STB, TVP and Patton.
            What is that tank BELOW the oh so average 430U? Am I dreaming or is it really the Progetto that you were claiming to be OP?

            How can you say that the Progetto is OP when you use this list as proof that the 430U is average and on this list the Progetto is clearly below the 430U?

          1. you are just a moronic wg fanboy RuSsIaNs ArEnT oVeRpErFoRmInG, PrOg NeEdS nErF, bruh
            why you have to talk shit with a mouth, full of belorussian cocks?

  10. Its so fucking clear that so many donkeys here in the comments have no fucking clue how a company in the size of WG works. This blog and the WoT community is always performing as expected from them…

  11. I do not object to the Progetto nerfs on principle, but I think they are seriously overdoing it, especially with the Progetto 65. As to the 430U nerf, that one is a bit ridiculous. The new weakspots are not easy to hit and, more importantly, with 270mm+ you cannot penetrate them in a Tier VIII even with gold (!) ammo. Some ‘weakspots’.

    As to the German heavy buffs, I am looking forward to them, most of them sound really cool. I don’t think the E100 buff will be enough, though – the changes to the 12.8mm are irrelevant afaik, and the 23mm of additional frontal armour won’t make that much of a difference since it is totally flat and many opponents you will meet have gold armour with 340cm pen (most Russian heavies, for a start). I don’t think a bit extra turret armour and -0.2 on the aiming time will be enough to make the E100 fit for today’s meta.

  12. Big brain WG nerfs Progetto 65 (which is middle of the pack for overall winrate) and leaves 279e (+6% to winrate), T95/FV4201 (+4% to winrate), and 907 (+3% to winrate) alone. Oh, and the 430U nerf is barely anything.

    Good one.

  13. The only Progetto that needed a beating with the nerf bat is the tier VIII (premium) one imo, nothing hugely drastic either… that will never happen of course!

    Russian ‘token’ nerfs as expected but the German buffs are welcome, I hope they make a difference!

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