New Twitch Prime Package Coming Tomorrow

A small sneak peek of the July Twitch package.

The new set will consist of:

-4 rental vehicles: Cromwell B and Schmalturm, with a 20% discount and the American M6A2E1 and TS-5, with a 10% and 15% discount, respectively;
-x5 sets;
-the inscription ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’;
-commemorative medal “Summer Pass”;
-and an unique Commander.

Its distribution will start tomorrow, July 9.

4 thoughts on “New Twitch Prime Package Coming Tomorrow

  1. They’ve decided to put the commander back in. Could they possibly make up for the missing months the the BIA crew from the Cromwell B???

  2. I’m surprised the M6A2E1 is part of the discounted roster, that thing is pretty much the only pref MM Tier 8 worth having, can bounce Tier 9-10 gold lmao.

    1. Is that the one that Wargaming said they were never going to sell again?

      1. Years ago they said they would not sell it and it was a preorder gift only, then things changed and now it’s a rather uncommon feature in the web shop.

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