Act IV. Take Part in Timeless Brawl and Travel Through Time! (7v7 Battles)

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Act III may be over, but the 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks is still in full swing! We’re continuing the party by launching Act IV: Overhaul. Updated Anniversary Missions to earn a host of Anniversary Coins, new bundles with a different selection of legendary tanks, and fierce 7v7 battles lie ahead. Come and join the party!

Timeless Brawl: Out of Time

July 10 at 05:00 (UTC) through July 13 at 05:00 (UTC)

10:00 UTC – 24:00 UTC

This exciting format is already familiar to you and it’s become quite popular with many commanders. Brawl battles will take place in Encounter mode in Tier X vehicles only. You’ll have plenty of room to hone both your individual and team tactics. Experience this Time Warp to earn credits, bonds, Personal Reserves and get your hands on gorgeous customization items from the past, including:

How Can I Start Playing?

You can enter Brawl mode via the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button.

How It Works

The format rules haven’t changed much since the Brawl event, but here’s a quick refresher.

General Rules

  • Battles take place in Encounter mode in Tier X vehicles only. If you don’t own a Tier X vehicle, you can rent one of two available options (see below for details).
  • Battles last 10 minutes.
  • Random Battle achievements can’t be earned.
  • The base capture time depends on the number of vehicles capturing it. It will take 180, 90, or 60 seconds for one, two, or three vehicles to capture the base, respectively.
  • Personal and Clan Reserves can be used in battles.
  • x2 XP for the first victory of the day is applicable.
  • Just like in Random Battles, the usual game rules and terms of service apply to this mode.

Matchmaking and Platoons

  • During the event, the matchmaker will create a separate queue for players fighting in this mode.
  • The matchmaker aims to send no more than 3 TDs and LTs into battle.
  • Only one Platoon and one SPG is allowed on each team. Dynamic Platoons are allowed.
  • Platoons are limited to a maximum of 3 players.
  • If the queue time is long, a Platoon imbalance is possible (for example, a Platoon of three players on one team against a Platoon of two players on another).


Battles will take place on a select set of maps:


Siegfried Line




Map exclusion is not possible in this mode.

Take On Special Battle Missions!

Personal Missions and Daily Missions can’t be completed in Brawl, but Active Phase Act IV Anniversary Missions will be available in this mode. In addition, you can complete two sets of special battle missions.

The first block of missions will reward you with credits, bonds, and Personal Reserves. They will be available once per day.

Simultaneously you can complete the missions of the second set to earn Timeless tokens that will award you the nostalgic customization items above. Prizes for completing these missions are unlocked sequentially, one by one—you just need to play and accumulate the number of tokens required to redeem each item. To grab all the flashy customizations available in the event, you need to earn 30 Timeless Tokens in total.

Rental Vehicles

All rental vehicles are only available for Brawl—it’s impossible to enter Random Battles or other modes using these tanks.

If you don’t have any Tier Xs, you can rent a Tier X vehicle. All rental tanks in Brawl are exact replicas of existing vehicles with the same characteristics and properties. Two rental vehicles will be available:

Rental tanks come with “virtual” Garage slots and 100% crews.

At the end of the event, all rental vehicles will remain on your account, but they will be blocked. If you mount any equipment or move a crew into them, they will automatically be demounted/removed after the event. Your crew will be sent to the Barracks and your equipment to the Depot.

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