9 thoughts on “July Tank Rewards Revealed

  1. Ac4 and Ram 2 are both good. For godsake don’t get the FV201 though its terrible.

    1. Can the Dicktank reach its claimed 60kmh ? Or is this another AMX 40 ?

      1. Downhill on Himmelsdorf AC4 will fly – uphill – I think AMX will outpace you.

    2. I’ll definately be getting the FV201 cuz its an easy million or so credits when sold lol. The other 2 tanks imo are just shit and don’t interest me anyway due to their lower credit value.

  2. its not an amx40 but the engine is a bit sluggish. Its pretty much a firefly.

  3. FV201 is unfortunately a really shitty tank that has bad specs and can’t do anything at all right.
    No speed.
    No armor.
    No alpha.
    No pen.
    No precision.

    AC4 Experimental is OK, I like it.
    Ram II seems alright, have not played many battles in it.

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