July Specials Preview (EU)

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Half the year might already be behind us, but the best is yet to come. July is full of great specials and events, perfect to cool down after a hot summer day or to dive right into heated battles. Check them out!

  • Battle Pass Season 2

June 12 through September 8: Follow Angela and Damon along the second Season of the World of Tanks Battle Pass and collect great rewards, including brand-new Bounty Equipment and more.

Earn Great Rewards

  • 10-Year Anniversary: Act III

June 17 through July 13: The 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks is in full swing as it continues with Act III. Features include fresh missions, new customization elements in the Anniversary Store, and special bundles with three iconic tanks!


  • Global Map: Metal Wars

June 29 through July 13: A new event on the Global Map will pitch clans against clans, and metal against metal! Who will come out on top and collect great rewards, and who will end up defeated in the scrapyard? Metal Wars has the answer!

Sparks Will Fly

  • July Tank Rewards

July 1 through July 29: July is dedicated to the spirit of independence around the world. A new set of missions will celebrate freedom and equality for all. Collect Tank Reward tokens to unlock different reward tiers and choose between three Premium vehicles.

  • Highway Rock

July 1 through July 13: Beginning in the 1950s, and even today, there is hardly a greater symbol of independence and a more momentous occasion than getting your driver’s license and hitting the road for the first time on your own! Therefore, we’ve created an event that will take you back along the open highway to a time of Greasers, Preps, and Nerds. Collect classic hotrod cars for great rewards and feel summer days drifting away to summer nights.

  • Crippling Blow

July 4 through July 7: There are complicated specials with all sorts of restrictions and then there is this, where all you need to do is wreak havoc to get collect rewards!

Personal Reserves

  • Top of the Tree

July 5 through August 5 & July 20 through August 20: Yes, we have once more adjusted the format of this beloved special. Based on your feedback, we will continue the two-tanks-per-month format, but every special now lasts for a full month! Plenty of options and plenty of time to reach the top! Kicking off the updated format is the American  X T57 Heavy Tank , followed by the British tank destroyer  X FV4005 Stage II .

  • Crew Is Crucial

July 11 through July 14: How is your crew doing during the hot summer days? Use the special with discounts and extra Crew XP to check in on them.

Double Crew XP

  • Put Your Experience to Good Use

July 18 through July 21: Think quick! What is the best spotting position on Himmelsdorf? How do you angle a Löwe for maximum protection? And where can you find the enemy SPG? If you have the answers, it just goes to show that you are a real World of Tanks expert. Use your vast knowledge and superior tactics to earn sweet rewards.

An extra pile of XP

  • Decisive Support

July 25 through July 28: Your teammate is in trouble! No time to hesitate! Aid your fellow tank commanders and achieve victory together!

Plenty of consumables

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