16 thoughts on “2020 Russian Victory Parade Video

  1. Putin was desperate to have his little parade so he could get some badly needed positive vibes for the upcoming referendum, because he wants to stay in power until 2036 (!). And how many new infections today?


  2. unless Trump somehow gets a Russia passport and join election there 🙂

    It will be fun to watch that…

    1. Considering how he is hated or viewed as a joke overseas I doubt anyone would even give him the time of day let alone take him seriously as an option in an election.

      1. He is viewed as joke only on twitter or reddit…. There is high chance that he is gonna be president again…

        1. I really hope so. I dont want a leftist anarchist as our president, and allowing these crazies choose what to say and who to hate.

  3. Why is this even posted on TAP? Pure propaganda of a military dictatorship.

    1. Everything about military is about power. Everything about history is about interests and ideology. Why are you even interested in a blog that is all about history and military?

  4. I think the Westerners here don’t realize just how sacred the remembrance of the cost of victory in the Great Patriotic War is to Russians. 27 million casualties. The parade is tradition but not the only thing. There was an emotional and beautiful concert on the 2nd main TV channel. The concert was held at the memorial in former Stalingrad (fyi, audience at the concert were wearing masks and were sitting 6 feet apart).

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