Škoda T 40 „Dummy” Style Set Pictures

An unique style that you can get during the 10th anniversary event. Treated as a non-historical, valued at 1750 gold.

A detailed analysis of this style shows that this is not the intentional original wooden texture of Quercus Palustris. This is Quercus Virginiana, a historically incorrect wood texture with nothing to do with this region. We apologize for this unfortunate mistake.

Hull texture:

Turret texture:

More pictures:

3 thoughts on “Škoda T 40 „Dummy” Style Set Pictures

  1. More nods to the war wagon invention just like on the T27. This isnt so bad.

  2. I don’t get it. While the skin is quite nice… for the most part… why for such a worthless tank?

    Your penetration is a joke and ur a GIANT target.

  3. Well. we can no longer call it the GLASS cannon. 🙂

    As its a wooden one now.

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