Supertest: CS-53 & CS-59

Let’s start with the Tier VIII medium CS-53. In the top-end configuration, this Pole is armed with a 100mm gun dealing the alpha damage of 300 points. Reloading in 8.6 s, it takes 212 mm off of the enemy armor with a standard AP round, while a special HEAT round goes deeper up to 290 mm. Turning to other characteristics, the dispersion is 0.38 at 100 m, the aiming time is 2.5 s, and the view range is 380 m.

So, the Pole can deliver damage. What about enduring damage? With 1300 hit points, its turret has 190 mm of armor in its front area and the upper glacis plate is 90mm thick. With the thrust-weight ratio of 17.8 hp/t., the medium develops the top speed of 50 km/h.

All in all, the CS-53 is akin to the previously announced CS-52, being a classic medium jack of all trades. Its dynamics and firepower enable it to tackle diverse tasks from flank maneuvering as part of the flock of mediums to support of heavies in defense.


The second Pole to be put to the Supertest is the Tier IX medium CS-59. Not unlike other Polish vehicles, its largely a universal type having no pronounced downsides. Everything about it is medium, including its view range of 390 m and 105mm gun. The latter deals the alpha damage of 390 points. It pierces the enemy armor 252 mm deep with a standard AP, then reloads in 8.8 s, and takes 293 mm with a special APCR round.

With 1800 hit points, its survivability is medium, too. As is its armor which values are typical of medium tanks: The turret has 130 mm in its front area while the hull frontal armor is 110 mm thick. With the thrust-weight ratio of 18 hp/t, the vehicle accelerates to 50 km/h.

Wrapping up, the CS-59 is a regular offspring of the Polish branch. Its characteristics are balanced between firepower and mobility. And when in artful hands, the vehicle reveals its multi functionality to the utmost.

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15 thoughts on “Supertest: CS-53 & CS-59

  1. So WG can you tell me, why this CS-53 does have 300 alpha per shot, whilst the T-34-2 does only 250, but has the same calibre?

    And dont say balancing, since this Pole has better DPM, better gun handling, better armor (in fact the side armor of the CS-53 is better than the upper Front Glacis of T-34-2, wtf), higher HP pool, better speed, better Power-to-weight ratio, almost double the gun Depression, better standard PEN by 32mm (!?), 181mm vs. 212mm (fair?) and 290mm (are they joking?!) Gold PEN (on Tier 8,they are crazy)…

    and let me guess, unlike the T-34-2, this CS-53 does NOT need to research Tracks, Turret and 3(!!) Guns until somewhat playable?

    1. why does the 53tp have 420 alpha with 122mm gun and the is3 has 390?

      1. … Are we forgetting the 430U 122mm deals 440? It needs to be reduced to 390.

    2. You realize that the Caliber = Damage rule isn’t valid for quite a long time. It was an actually good move from WG to eliminate this rule

    3. T-44 100 mm gun 250 dmg T-54 100 mm gun 320 dmg and all this on almost the same UBR-412 missile, but the T-44 (UBR-412) missile has 65 grams of explosive and the T-54 (UBR-412D) missile has 61 grams of explosive.
      Balance in WoT is the game developers’ vision, you want realism go to War Thunder.

    4. Because the t34-2 is old as shit and is part of an unpopular branch. If WG balanced new branches to be at the same level of that piece of junk people would start complaining about how they make new tanks shit on purpose.

      Yes , the T-34-2 and most of its branch are awful machines and need to be rebalanced , hopefully while at the same time making them a bit more unique instead of creating more T-54/55/62 clones.

  2. So WG can you tell me, why this Pole does 300 per shot, whilst the T-34-2 does only 250, but das the same calibre?

    And dont say balancing, since this Pole das bester DPM, gun handling, armor, speed, gun Depression and PEN…

  3. Why does this have 300 damage per shot when the premium Pole got 320?

    1. It’s because the premium has a 105 mm and the tech tree tank a 100 mm.

  4. 290 pen in a tier 8 medium? seems a little OP, yea the obj 416 has 330 but the rest of the tank is no really Redfriendly unlike this one
    This think looks like a better version of an STA-1, same accuracy, better HEAT pen, better alpha, slightly worse dpm and aiming time, better top speed.

    And Much MORE better armor

    This thing is completely OP

    I love the polish heavies, and they are balanced, like a Russian tank style with some gun depression, the tier 8 is a little bad compared with the IS-3

  5. Everyone seems to be concerned with the alpha damage compared to other guns of similar caliber that they overlooked the tier 8 has 190mm turret armor yet the tier 9 only has 130mm turret armor. Why less turret armor on the higher tier tank?

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