5 thoughts on “WoT – Let Metal Wars begin! A New Event on the Global Map

  1. Why talk sh*t about someone including ‘screenshots’ and then delete it the next day? Of you made a mistake you should post that, not delete it like it never happend.

  2. WarHealer… There’s a previous post for that… If you are a “hater”… go there! Leave this clean for proper comments regarding the above!

    1. I’m not a hater.
      I cant find it myself for whatever reason.

      I just dont like spreading things like this without giving someone to defend them self.
      And screenshots can be fabricated easily and should NEVER been used as proof.

      There is a reason why a court doesn’t accepts screenshots and videos as the only proof to convict someone.

      I’m not here for personal drama’s or hear say or anything related to that in some way or form.
      I dont think it is a good idea to post such things. It makes things worse and doesn’t bring anyone any good.

      But hey im not the website owner, but i do have common sense.

  3. CW died years ago when certain clans were permitted to farm all the gold, which they used to feather accounts and then sell them.
    Now they farm for the rare tanks, and sell those accounts.

    As a person who works 12 hour shift work, its just not practical way to try and earn a rare tank, or anything else WG can offer.

    I DO have money though, to BUY stuff.

    I suppose you gotta make a living however you can, so one can’t blame the individuals.

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