Battle Pass 2: Medal & Stickers

It looks like the second season will be made up of 20 stages, not 45 as was the case with Season 1 of the Battle Pass.

“Long Road to Glory” medal


The main progress consists of 20 stages.
Complete the main progress during the second season of the Battle Pass.



5 thoughts on “Battle Pass 2: Medal & Stickers

    1. Knowing WG they won’t change that stupid 6500 gold price tag to buy the premium part of the pass. Basically you’ll be paying the same price for less content.

      1. Who said there was less content yet? Just because there are less levels, don’t mean there will be less rewards. As they could still “merge” some stages to have 2 or 3 rewards pr stage depending on if the points per stage remains or not.

  1. Filthy casual here, has there been any news posted on when the second season of battlepass is to commence?
    Grinding to the end of the first one now and It’s making me a bit sick of the game to be honest, certainly taking a break from WoT when I finish it.

    I’ll be interested to see if the 20 levels translates to the same amount of effort as the previous 45 of the first season or if it’s literally half the rewards for half the price*?

    *Yes I’m not holding my breath, either.

  2. Same here. Finished the Frontline campaign and couple of stages left on battle pass. Playing the game now is a bit of a chore so need a good break from it, couple of Summer months outside and hope to come back to it in the Autumn.

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