6 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass 2: 3D Skins Visual GIF Comparison (M48A5 Patton, TVP T 50/51)

  1. TVP looks fine to me but patton is like christmass tree with that shi*

  2. The Czech female commander’s crew skin is awesome.

    But I already have a well trained CZ commander…

    Utility wise, a US commander is the obvious choice for me since there are still lines I hasn’t touched.

    But she was just so good looking…. I’m struggling to decide now (strict policy: not paying WG since 2017.12.25, so can’t just can’t get both)…

    1. Not worth the gold, youporn & co are free.. always remember, it´s WG & RNG, who is trolling every single time, when an opportunity pops up.

  3. God these skins look TERRIBLE! I mean how much more junk can you pill up on those tanks!

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