Update 1.9.1: 3D Style “Storm” for TVP T 50/51 Pictures

The style is available in Season 2 of the Battle Pass.

Historical, valued at 3,000 gold. Only for the TVP T 50/51 tank.



From the diary of A. M.: „Today I did what I had to. It was pure luck to run into Kilmore’s unit at the very moment when his guys needed additional fire support. I might not have been their savior, but my assistance really came in handy. I believe so, at least! He started nagging at me again, but this time, I didn’t feel the anger that had been in his words before. I just want to prove to him that I can handle a tank as well as a scalpel. I can be a really big help on the battlefield, not just at the hospital. If he stops being so stubborn and allows me to fight, he’ll see that I’m the trusted companion he needs.”

Source: wotclue

18 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: 3D Style “Storm” for TVP T 50/51 Pictures

  1. well one word HORRENDOUS!

    this skin is butt ugly, cartoon crap of the worst kind
    a big yuk
    very few will have this cartoon crap as a tank skin you will look really dumb and stupid

  2. To be upfront I like this skin, for WoT it’s different, or it is for those of us too casual to get the more exotic tanks (Obj 907).
    The skins can be ugly or beautiful but doesn’t mess up the matchmaking half as badly as potentially broken or outright overpowered reward tanks.

  3. It would have been an ok skin for the TVP if it didn’t have so much crap on the tank. Remove the entrenching shovels on the front and it would be fine.

    1. In WoT? “Cool factor”.
      But in reality tanks transport all kinds of stuff for the infantry, if they happened to be going the same way. The crew won’t even notice the difference but it’s going to make a day for the ground troops.

    2. That is why I am here I am looking for some details as to why what appears to be the barrel for a Swedish recoiless gun is doing strapped to the rear engine deck? There is no mount for the piece that i can see (unless the two road wheels on the back form part of the caisson????)

  4. Not my kind of skin but this is how the game should be pushed. Skins rather than OP tanks

    1. Irony is…most would agree with you but many of them would also complain about every fucking skin they release.

      One of the reasons why I hate the community of this game is they whine about everything instead of objectively looking at things

      1. To be honest most of the skins are way, way over the top. Surely there has to be some middle ground where the tanks look nice and different from the stock ones, but aren’t a freak show.

    2. I’m grateful there are people with a good head on their shoulders in this blog, agree 100% with you on the styles > OP shit line of thought.

  5. Those are Soviet mine plows on the front I think it’s actually a cool touch

      1. No, not really. It makes sense it’s Soviet tech since Czechoslovakia was a part of Warsaw Pact.

  6. the skin i like just need to remove that dumb crap on front of the tracks but they wont they never listen to skin changes. Like the Kran having a huge crane on top and the 50 b having a tent and the worst the grille being made into a fucing grille ffs so stupid.

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