Update 1.9.1: 3D Style „Pipeline” for M48A5 Patton Pictures

The surf boards are from the „Apocalypse Now” movie:

The style is available in Season 2 of the Battle Pass.


Historical, valued at 3,000 gold. Only for the M48A5 Patton tank.


— From the diary of D. K.: \”What is this girl up to? She wants to prove that she has strength and courage? We can already see that, but she also seems to lack a basic sense of self-preservation. Sooner or later, her vehicle will get blown up and we’ll lose such a… true professional, damn it! She’d better stay at the hospital to help people and work miracles. But I have to admit that without her assistance, we would have lost one of ours on the battlefield. Well, if she’s that brave, I’ll give her my surfboard when this all ends… If it ends.

Source: wotclue