Referral Program 2.0 New Season: Reward Tanks

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to recruit your friends in the next Season of Referral Program 2.0, kicking off on 26 May! It offers you two glorious new Premium reward vehicles that will help you dominate the battlefield and farm tons of credits along the way.

AT 15AAMX Canon d'assaut 105

Just like the previous Seasons, you can choose to receive the value of the tanks in credits instead.

Don’t forget, you still have time to take advantage of your unused recruit slots before 23 May! With the start of the fourth Season, we’ll credit you two new slots, and all unused slots for recruits from the previous Season will be removed.

If you have already used both slots before 23 May, you will automatically be credited with two new slots on 26 May. Your progress on ongoing contracts and your current referral connections will be retained.

If you have used only one slot, then with the start of the fourth Season two new slots will be added, and the unused one will disappear. If both slots are not used yet, they will disappear too; you will be credited with two new slots.

Source: NA Portal

14 thoughts on “Referral Program 2.0 New Season: Reward Tanks

  1. AMX CDA 105 is a brilliant TD. Statistically, it’s weaker than Strv S1 in these areas:

    Camo. Strv S1 manages much higher camo while firing, allowing it to remain undetected while firing at 200m. This is a situational at best advantage, even though it’s the Strv S1’s key to big damage games, for reasons we’ll discuss later.

    Penetration. 260 penetration is quite nice, but comes up lacking to the Strv’s 288.

    Aimtime and gun handling: Strv S1 is a laser, but CDA must actually aim.

    DPM: CDA is about half a round per minute slower, but again, this is a moot point just like the camo.

    Armor: Strv S1 is invulnerable if you are shooting it with a 90mm gun. CDA can bounce 90mm, but a 90mm can definitely hurt you from the front.

    “But Gwennifer, that’s pretty much all there is to a TD!”

    Exactly! AMX CDA is only slightly weaker than the best TD at tier without the gimmicks or downsides!

    CDA is substantially faster. Being a normal TD with normal gun arcs, the CDA can actually assault and ambush quite well. Strv S1 has to setup to fire or be an expert on the local terrain to the inch. It gets into position faster, and leaves positions faster. Strv’s only advantage here is that it does not have to traverse to retreat.

    Strv S1 cannot do a ‘long peek’ over gentle terrain. It moves much too slowly in siege mode. Even Strv 103 cannot ‘creep’. CDA, being much faster and not having a siege mode, is free to creep quite quickly, allowing it to get surprise shots off like a medium tank.

    Strv S1 does not enter or leave a position gracefully. Even if you know what you’re doing, setting up to fire safely will take you a few seconds. CDA 105 does not have this problem: it can safely peek and retreat, as it can aim without needing to setup. Because Strv S1 is very dependent on camouflage and profile to be safe, you risk either being exposed for 2 seconds while your suspension adjusts, or require high camo to be safe while you fire. CDA is not as situational as it can pull back at any time and exposure to fire is not necessary.

    Between the last two issues alone, CDA’s effective rate of fire over the course of a game is about the same.

    CDA looks like a larger vehicle than it is. It’s actually very small like the S1, and hiding it in tiny positions or behind small brush is not a problem.

    CDA has 10m higher view range. Given that the S1 has the incredibly anemic 350m, 360m isn’t much of an upgrade, but it helps!

    Finally, CDA gets access to 310mm HEAT. 330mm APCR ‘appears’ to be a stronger round, but veterans know that HEAT does not effectively autobounce, and the shell type will let you penetrate those thin autobounce slopes found on high-tier Soviet vehicles, or mediums attempting to sidescrape with thin side armor (907, 140).

    It’s impossible to understate this: it is impossible for the Strv S1 to take an offensive role. CDA is not only more flexible, but at the cost of being slightly weaker in the gun, it can be played offensively on any map, regardless of situation. This is a great boon and the key differentiator.

    However, despite appearances, Strv S1 is easier to play. “Go find thick brush and fire from there until the flank dies” is not a particularly complex or difficult gameplan, especially as the brush where that’s safe to do from is honestly few and far between. There may only be 5 or 6 viable positions for your vehicle on the entire map sometimes across all flanks.

      1. Kanonen is smiliar to cda 105 but it goes 60+ kmh but gets penetrated by every freaking hi explosive

      2. I didn’t trade in my 90 for the 105, as I was disappointed the kanon was so completely changed over from the original concept.

        105 gives up many things just for top speed and traverse speed. I wouldn’t consider playing the 105.

      3. Similar, but I think the CDA is superior because it has some armour at least, and while top speed is lower, it accelerates better. As to the gun, the KJP’s gun is massively overhyped; it is the the Leo 1’s gun before the buff, which means it can be super precise at one moment and completely troll you at another.

    1. Indeed. I didn’t play the Strv a lot, but as a fun fact for me, my winrate is a lot better in the AMX 105 than the Skorpion G.

    2. Perhaps keep it short next time? Everyone just glance trough this annoying wall of text anyway.

  2. while on the other hand AT-15A can be obtained with no hustle from tankrewards for free

  3. Recent articles on here have been a snooze fest for about a month, (has nothing to do with TAP) jeez we need some new shit in the game. hurry up ammo rebalance

  4. I have 26k games only in TDs(55k games overal) and funny thing, but CDA is my favorite TD(I have all premium and regular TDs in the game).I know it have bad dpm and no armour, but i love this TD with all my hearth.Cant explain why, but for me CDA is all u want from TD, maybe something is wrong with me idk why.

    1. Interesting. Seeing that you like the CDA so much, may I ask your opinion about the Kanonenjagdpanzer?

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