Twitch Prime: Starry Night Style Set Pictures

It looks like a new style kit will be available for the upcoming Twitch Prime package: Starry Night, based on an oil painting by Vincent van Gogh.

4 thoughts on “Twitch Prime: Starry Night Style Set Pictures

  1. Do we get a Special Twitch Prime 1x skill Commander yet?
    or maybe other Special 1x skill perk Crew?

    otherwise This will be my last Twitch Prime with Wargame event

    pointless dumb Medals etc
    another cheap looking Camo

    2 x 14 days Trial with T8 (or whatever) Premiums with WG greedy eyes on €€€€ in our Credit cards
    read ~ cheap and tacky now thanks to Wargame

    I only did the Twitch/ Wargame thing for the special Commanders (which was worth the £7.99 month, now?? a big No!

    sadly this will die away with WG cheapening it down so much

  2. I like cammos and styles. But I believe that it was never van Gogh’s dream that his paintings would be painted on a tank! I find that a little embarrassing.

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