WoT EU: Tank Rewards – 5x mission issue

Due to the unforeseen issues redeemed mission in the current tankrewards is not working.

Developement team is working on the fix and after the (long) weekend missions should be fixed, so please wait patiently.

Thank you for your understanding.

Source: EU Support

9 thoughts on “WoT EU: Tank Rewards – 5x mission issue

    1. Seems to be. At least the 5x missions show up in correct number on my mission list.

      1. Maybe the bug only affects people who got their rewards before today then? As said, I got my missions without a problem. It’s the best guess I have at any rate.

    1. When will WG lift my permanent ban ? I was wrongly banned for mods and hacks and only used oldskool modpack!

        1. What? WG just randomly ban players under the guise of Fair Play Policy.

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