5 thoughts on “Panzer III Ausf. K Available on EU

  1. I got this 9 times in Xmas loot boxes and haven’t played a single battle in it, sure as hell aren’t going to buy it again.

  2. Not the worst tier 5,but its not worth the money. Its good for fun,despite its awful gun handling.

  3. This vs T25, or either Matilda? (which are a few bucks cheaper too!)

    HHAAAA…. ha.
    Ye. WG’s sense of humor never stops to amaze.

    That’s like that Supermario Kart mobile game, asking MONEY to unlock HARD MODE…
    not gonna happen!

    Girls: if you want to burn it get that kv2 skin… at least those mean they get more into harmless skins

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