5 thoughts on “WoT – Weekly Stream with eekeeboo 10/04/20: KV-2 Legion Launch

  1. He dosent know how to play wot but yet he agrees with remove of shell balance
    Great reprezentation of under 200 wn8 players
    Simply BOTS

        1. “Unlike you”
          Based on which data comparison?
          Based on the fact (unlike me) HE agrees with the removal balance the community ask since beta?
          Based on : HE gets money to say nice things and i do not? He~ like Quicky AND especially Jingles… push the premium narrative whenever they can. The few negative reviews they give are on tanks they got permission to do so. Tier 4~6s usually. Giving those a “they are okay”

          but hey. i do not even go there and reply with logic, You wont bother to read or disprove anything.

          I just go and call you a fanboy.

          If you feel entertained by him… GOOD FOR YOU…
          if you ask me or anyone else to believe a SPOKES PERSON OF THE COMPANY to tell you blatant truth, you are out of your (little) mind.

          1. mimimi, kiddo… long rant, which means I was successful. But anyway, since I know your real stats and comparing you with eekee leaves much to be desired for your part. It’s obvious he’s a better player than you, again, your jealousy shines through. Want me to own you more, kiddo?

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