WoT Blitz – Japanese Tank Destroyers

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Big, protected, surprisingly mobile, and armed with powerful guns firing a special set of shells, the game’s first Japanese tank destroyers will immediately make you respect them. And when the four new tank destroyers enter the battle, no one will survive their onslaught. Learn about them now and prepare to research a new Tier X vehicle!

The top guns of the Japanese tank destroyers can fire two types of AP shells. The main AP shell for each new vehicle features high penetration and devastating damage. The improved AP shell has lower damage, but it can penetrate practically all enemies.

Tier VII. Chi-To SPG

Researched after the Chi-To for 43,400. Cost: 1,345,000.

Many enemy shells will simply bounce off this tank destroyer’s armor, especially if they’re fired from medium or long range. Considering its great armor, the mobility of the Chi-To SPG is inspiring. Its suspension, taken from a medium tank, has a max speed of 45 km/h, a high power-to-weight ratio, and decent maneuverability.

The most difficult aspect is to get a better gun than the stock one, which has quite low penetration. You’ll have to take more frequent risks until you unlock the top gun. On the bright side, with the top 105 mm gun, the Chi-To SPG will penetrate 215 mm using standard shells and 265 using alternative ones to inflict over 2,500 HP of damage per minute. Put holes in enemy tanks at any distance without having to aim at their weak spots!

Tier VIII. Ho-Ri Type I

Researched after the Chi-To SPG for 76,950. Cost: 2,570,000.

Thanks to a max speed of 45 km/h and good specific power, the Ho-Ri Type I moves almost like a medium tank or a very mobile heavy tank. The armor of its cabin reaches 190 mm, but the enemy will easily spot its weak places at medium or close range. This tank destroyer’s weak spots are the cabin sides or the vertical parts of the armor. At the same time, many shots will be blocked by the big, thick gun mantlet.

The stock gun of this monster should be familiar to you as it’s from the Chi-To SPG. It works great at Tier VIII, so you’ll easily collect the XP required for the top gun. And when you have it, even seven samurai won’t be able to put up a fight. 248 mm of penetration and 400 HP of damage with a standard shell and 297 mm and 340 HP of damage with an improved one! Add good accuracy and 6 shots per minute, and this huge ship gun deserves to be on a Tier X vehicle!

Tier IX. Ho-Ri Type II

Researched after the Ho-Ri Type I for 160,000. Cost: 3,450,000.

The second variant of the Ho-Ri tank destroyer is a lot heavier, causing it to lose some speed and maneuverability while adding more protection. Its sloped frontal armor survives almost any hit, but the vertical 190 mm armor of the cabin will frequently make you lose HP. Try to sidescrape when under fire. Even a small change in the hull’s position will give you a greater chance to reduce damage taken. Use this trick!

The stock gun of the Ho-Ri Type II resembles the one of the Maus. It has 246 mm of penetration, 460 HP of damage, 11 seconds of reloading time, and good accuracy. However, even this ‘Maus gun’ looks like a child’s toy in comparison to the top gun, which has 290 mm of penetration with a standard AP shell and 340 mm with an improved one while dealing 560 and 545 HP of damage respectively. Almost every shot from this gun will inflict damage and bring you closer to an even more devastating vehicle: the Ho-Ri Type III.

Tier X. Ho-Ri Type III

Researched after the Ho-Ri Type II for 271,000. Cost: 6,100,000.Welcome to the top of the mountain! Here, surrounded by white blooming sakuras, it listens to the silence and meditates to the sound of running water. The name of this honorable vehicle is the Ho-Ri Samurai. This mighty warrior maintains extreme calm, yet is full of pulsating fury. The Samurai skillfully controls its anger, focuses it, and channels it into one accurate and lethal strike with its katana-gun, showing no mercy.

The Legendary Samurai camouflage changes the tank destroyer name in battle to Ho-Ri Samurai. It is effective on all map types and doesn’t require replenishment. Price for unlocking: 2,550.

The cabin and upper part of the hull, which have 250 mm of armor, may not look too impressive at Tier X, but this protection will block many shells coming from long and medium distances. Your sidescraping skills will be put to good use. In close combat, the enemy will be able to penetrate this tank destroyer if they aim at the driver’s hatch and the vertical part of the hull armor.

You don’t expect a huge monster like the Ho-Ri Type III to be too mobile. That makes it even more pleasant to see the Samurai top out at 25-35 km/h and surprise outrageous medium tanks with its traverse speed.

And its gun… It isn’t the best in single-shot damage, but it takes 560 or 545 HP from the enemy every 10-11 seconds. And a look closer at its characteristics reveals a standard AP shell penetrates 310 mm and an improved one 380 mm! If you don’t want to achieve penetration, you’ll need to aim as badly as possible and ask luck to stay away. The Ho-Ri Type III cuts through enemy armor like a katana through lettuce! The Ho-Ri Samurai will serve you with honor, so command it with wisdom!

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    1. That wont happen. Wargaming confirmed that this Japanese TD line is the first of 2 lines that are only going to be in Blitz and not console or PC

  1. even though i dislike arties on the PC. I knew the Japanese had them! mostly only low tier in WoT it would be. (TD’s is an other question).

    Seeing the Japanese given true fake heavies what was not possible for them at all in their situation, not seeing and SPG’s or TD variant while those were WAY more in their favour.. yeah.
    have fun on you Blitz luckers 😉

  2. love how blitz has it right with reducing the damage of premium ammo but leaving the pen high, why cant we manage this in PC?

  3. Only way you can make that work is with -1 +1 tier spread!
    Sherman easy 8 already has a lot of fun fighting tier 8 superheavies, with reduced damage on prem rounds it’s going to be even more fun!

  4. still can’t understand why they made such a mess out of it
    »» I’ve seen the “Chi-To SPG” as “Chi-Ri SPG/Tank Destroyer 1” (2 different layouts, 1&2, )
    »» Blitz Ho-Ri I = Ho-Ri II
    »» Blitz Ho-Ri II = Ho-Ri III = Ho-Ri prototype/production
    »» Blitz Ho-Ri III = Ho-Ri I

  5. actually at the time they were introduced this book
    « Imperial Japanese Army Ground Weapon Guide 1872-1945 »
    was considered the most credible source of info in the world, the O-I drawings contained in it were done by an artist based on the description of engineers and military officers directly and indirectly related to the O-I program
    Q: what does that mean?
    A: it means we can’t blame WG for following what the whole world believed was true about the Japanese Super-Heavies

    in 2015/2016 official documents were finally made public that proved that all along those descriptions were about the very same vehicle but in the different configurations it was tested, either their memory was no longer fresh enough (IF I had taken part of developing something larger than a Maus I would remember, unless old age messed up those memories) or that they were misunderstood by the ones interviewing them

  6. Because that would essentially buff heavy tanks and armored TD’s. Keep in mind we only had 20 or so tech tree lines when this change to premium ammo was implemented. In wot PC you would have to rebalance a far larger amount of tech tree lines than they did in WOT blitz.

    Imagine shooting at a 279 (e) with premium rounds, it would take you ages to kill it and with the dpm that thing has you would get rekt hard…

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