WoT: Frontline 2020 is actually easier… or is it?

Our friends at wotclue have made a spreadsheet showing the needed Frontline experience to reach each level compared to previous years. Needless to say, it’s way easier this year.

The biggest downside this year is that you will not be able to play again the missed Frontline stages. After completing each stage, the progress is zeroed and in the next month you will start the next stage from level 1.

22 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline 2020 is actually easier… or is it?

  1. Looks good, but last year we’ve been given a lot of personal reserves that were giving +100% Front Line points. So that changes the numbers a little.

    1. At least they did in the 2nd part of the year (not initially….god it was painful without the boosters and the 2nd map; those 2 things saved FL for me last year). I will go only for the Char so I will try to do half of FL and then the rest SH…

  2. Well it’s easy enough that anyone can get a tier 9 reward by just playing. But if you want both, you need to tryhard a lot too, and you can’t afford to miss a single one since your progress does not carry over to the next iteration. And with the rather low xp requirements I doubt they will release the frontline-xp-boosters again this year.

    I’m glad it’s not an impossible grind though. I will likely not get the two reward tanks but I’ll definitely grab one. A bit sad that they didn’t re-add the tier 8 premium tanks as possible rewards.

    1. Do you have to reach absolutely max level on both Steel Hunter and Front Line to get 2 reward tanks?

      1. yes, each tank is worth 12 tokens, and we would get 3 tokens per stage, sucks I know, but if Im able to get either the char, or AE, I wouldnt mind

          1. Can’t be bothered to explain just how much worse this season is… But WG does it again Royally fu and people don’t even see it.

            1. So you have to play one rank 4 times to get one tank. It’s more then 15K. But still less vs last year. When we needed 30500 x10 for one tier 9 reward tank. I’ve played for 4 hours and I’m already on rank 9. So… I would not say it’s worse… in terms of time spent vs reward vs last year. It was way to F much then for that tank.

    1. No, they were removed after the last Front Line event. Free ones were simply removed, and these bought with gold got refunded.

    1. In Game Article
      1 0 0
      2 600 400
      3 700 500
      4 800 600
      5 1000 700
      6 1200 800
      7 1300 1000
      8 1400 1100
      9 ???? 1200

      Looking like total XP is about 33% than article so expect ~20k for the lot.

  3. So we only have to complete the ranking to 15 . That being done 4 times over consecutive months?

  4. So we only have to complete the ranking to 15 . That being done 4 times over consecutive months?
    Im pretty sure thats correct ?

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