19 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 2ND OFFER – AMX 13 57GF

  1. 25 Euros for a slightly above average tier 7 scout… i pass. I stay with my beloved T71DA.

  2. Lol above avarage Tier 7 Light tank. I have both of them with over 60% winrate.
    Using nö Premium ammo at all.

  3. Wasn’t it available in Advent Calendar for less?!! It was fir sure on sale a few times last year. So why is it in BM?!! for 7k gold?!!

    1. And? Whinybaby has his own teamclashgate where he whined that nobody will get the commander if he isn’t playing 3to4 hours a day. He was so wrong because with the boosters every Bob can get it. So stop advertising his fanclan 🙂

        1. when offered to take part in team clash-QB fired up his trusty XVM,saw his chance to win and said NOPE,IM NOT DOING THAT…..since his ego couldn’t handle being 2nd or god forbid even 3rd

  4. It was very fun to get up at 6 am and see this… useless goldo ffer when i expected silver offer for t8 >:(

  5. This guy did say he has an interview with WG staff member about the game.From the 1 of this month to now no news about it.

    1. I know, we are working on it. WG has things to do and questions he has to answer are rather complicated and related to game balance, something he has no right to speak about, so most questions he will have to get approval from WG higher ups to reply to, which is why the delay.

  6. Has anybody an idea how WG stored these special images in the game client? They are not 3D models, therefore they need to come somewhere. It is possible ofc that the correct image gets pulled from the server just in time. Someone with Wireshark out there who wants to check that? 🙂 Otherwise a possible encrypted file in the game pkg files should have all possible offers as images.

    1. The store interface is a chromium based browser so the images aren’t stored in the game client files.

  7. Are these tanks sold without garage slots and crew? I clicked on “Proceed” button this morning to see the offer and there was just the tank, nothing more written there for 7k gold. That’s strange. Can someone tell me if that’s the case, pls?

    1. Truly I couldn’t guarantee about the slot, because I didn’t pay attention yesterday when I bought the Lansen C, but the tank does come with 100% trained crew. However, I am fairly sure it comes with a slot, too.

  8. The same offer was 5000 gold in the Advent calendar with 25 5X XP boosters.

    1. Not quite, what makes this offer “rare” and BM worthy is the Grand Finals edition skin. Personally I got the tank from the advent calendar but tank collectors, I’m sure, will like to get their hands on this special skinned version.

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