World of Tanks Black Market – Lansen C sale delayed on North America

According to WG NA’s own twitter, Wargaming forgot to put the clock signal on the first offer’s release time, and it was delayed to 17:55 CST.

This is likely to make it accessible to as many people as possible, as most adults are working.

Have fun, tankers!

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Lansen C sale delayed on North America

  1. Actually, the whole time schedule of the event got rearranged. Now offers go live at 5:55 CT/17:55 CT for the whole duration of the event, instead of the original 10:00 CT/22:00 CT which was in sync with the other servers. Guess now we’ll know the next offers in advance…

    In short, the whole BM event got rescheduled. Now NA has it’s own time schedule. Better update the article with the actual info so people dont get even more confused.


    1. Bro… Not gonna lie… The old schedule was actually perfect for me… Now I’m left in the dark… But at least I’ll know what I’m missing out on… >:|

  2. “likely to make it more accessible because most adults are working”

    Yeah and west-Europeans are having fun at 4am alright

    They just forgot

  3. So now ppl in west coast USA need to wake up at 3:55AM, GJ WGNA, feed the server more curry.

  4. Thanks Obama…

    Meanwhile Europe is still screwed with 17:00 CET, when people are just finishing work.

  5. Sorry, but this isn’t the first time they have done the BM, they had no issue the last time. This should have been cut and paste basically.

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