20 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Prepare for Lunar New Year 2020

  1. Nice graphics. Wouldn’t it be great if they used the opportunity for some overdue buffs of Chinese medium tanks.

    1. Get real. Black market is in june or so, like last time… why? Cause they just had the christmas boost and black market is a way to have another during a less busy time.

    1. I got one question for you: why would you want Type59!? Its not that good!
      Mod1 is always on sale and RIGHT NOW you get the far superior T-44-100 too!

      I could list a dozen or so other tanks way better…

      1. Simply because some people played this game when it was for sale normally in the store, it’s nostalgia.

  2. Miguel Sanchez First learn to spell, second i like type 59 for the looks and it is still somewhat rare, keep your thoughts to yourself.

    1. You shouldn’t tell people to learn to spell on a website dedicated to a game with people all over the world. Other than that, opinions are opinions, you learn something from him, he learns something from you. Afaik people want it for that pref.

    2. Jacob, before you criticize spelling maybe you should work on capitalization and punctuation. Miguel has good points, but you simply got petty and personal. That is trollish behavior if you ask me.

  3. Impertinents such as Jacobs should be banned. No one is obliged to know a more an more marginal english. Moreover, when somebody gives you an advice, don’t be an englishman-ass and take it.

  4. Tepes voda you should be banned if anyone, at the end of the day Miguel Sanchez needs to show respect to people as do you; I am entitled to an opinion, so don’t try talking to me about so called advice as what he put is about as far from advice as you are English.

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