Slava Makarov – World of Tanks Product Director Decides to Create a Political Party

Wargaming’s World of Tanks product director, Vyacheslav Makarov, intends to create a “Direct Democracy Party”, which plans to take part in the regional elections in 2020 and then in the parliamentary elections of 2021. A feature of the new party will be a mobile application based on blockchain technology, through which members of the movement will vote and opinion polls.

– How did you come up with the idea to create such a specific party?

– The modern form of democracy looks like this: a person comes to the polling station, ticks the ballot and throws it into the ballot box. With some nuances, voting was the same at the beginning of the last century in the United States or Great Britain.
A hundred years have passed, the Internet has appeared, but it is used in almost no way in the modern election process. Rowing on a galley during the period of atomic icebreakers. Purely technological elections in their current form are an outdated story.

Need to move forward. We want to create an application that is primarily available to registered party members who can vote on what the party will do. Then a mechanism will appear to let you know what society wants. So far it has not been worked out either technologically or organizationally. The goal of the party for the coming year will be the creation of such a mechanism.

– Opinion polls show that Russians still do not really trust digital innovations. In addition, while even government agencies, offering electronic voting, can not give guarantees against hacking the system, fraud. Why should people believe you?

– In Moscow last year, an experiment on electronic voting failed, because the whole scheme did not imply a verification of the database that was understandable even to technical experts. There is a way to avoid cheating votes – using blockchain technology. They will not allow you to change the data that is entered into the system without logging the changes made. If we block the blockchain with authorization, then we can talk about the reliability of the voting system. Trust comes from the fact that people whom they more or less trust confirm that this system can work reliably and is not hacked.

– What are your forecasts regarding the future party?

– I am known to a large number of Russians as the developer of the game World of Tanks. And I have a history of relationships with players, some amount of trust. We have strong technical experts, we will try to invite other well-known and respected people to the organizing committee.

Just like in Russia, EU and USA, the person who won the election does not bear responsibility before his voters until the next election. You vote for a party that promises one thing, but does another, and as a result, people support individuals, and populists – Donald Trump, Vladimir Zelensky, Boris Johnson, begin to win in the world. And we are not talking about that.

We promise voters that we will do what we told them. We are a party of ideas and obligations, not of a leader type. The citizen needs to regain the understanding that his voice is deciding something. At the level of parties that already exist in Russia, this will never happen. They already live in that system in which they are not responsible for anything.

– To whom your promises will seem convincing, who can become your main voter?

– Any citizen of Russia who does not want to continue to be deceived after the elections. We promise at the entrance that if our party will have deputies in regional, city meetings and in the State Duma, then on all key issues, we will ask the opinion of the population.

– All parties have their own sociological services …

– Opinion polls do not oblige you to anything. Everything will be clear with us: we conducted a survey among party members, then our deputy went to vote.
When you make games, you have to do what suits your player, otherwise he just leaves. I am guided by this principle

If we abide by this agreement – what you said, then we do – after some time more people will support us.

– It is easy to create a party, but will it be registered and will it be able to go to the polls? Experts say the growth of distrust in political parties two years before the Duma elections

– I hope we will have time to register before the regional elections. It turned out to be not so simple: there are many bureaucratic steps that need to be taken and at the same time linked to the idea of ​​inner-party democracy. We will hold the constituent congress on March 5. While we are gathering initiative citizens in the regions, because the legislation requires the presence of regional branches in at least half of the subjects. First of all, these will be developers of large regional IT companies.
We are not counting on great success. Each election for us will be a testing ground at which we can test our idea and understand how it works.

– How much are you willing to spend money on the implementation of this project?

– I have a decent salary, mainly to develop a technology platform.

25 thoughts on “Slava Makarov – World of Tanks Product Director Decides to Create a Political Party

  1. So will the election results be based on 25% RNG? If you buy premium account can you spam more gold votes than the free to vote users? Can his party get nerfed indirectly by new parties which are OP and can only be bought from the premium shop with cash only?

  2. I really dislike when games and politics mix. …
    Suddenly WoT and WG will be marked as supporter a certain political (left? right? conservative? etc ) party.
    Not good.

    1. You just explained what\’s wrong with what people perceive as \”democracy\” – literally, it boils down to the right of vote.
      Vote in what? Right or Left.

      No one ever wants to vote what\’s reasonable for a good reason: it\’s difficult, so nobody does it. Thinking, it\’s difficult.

      Picking sides? Much easier.

      We get to vote for the person that screws us the least rather than either having a direct say in the matter or have a non-partisant quorum.

      @Ontopic: Politics in Russia are as much as a joke as the game\’s state is.
      Good luck with that…

  3. So, now we kinda know where all that premium bought money goes to.
    Smart move by them, shame their policies towards their community are garbage. Can\’t say you want them to be your political head of state.

  4. Ok… A few weeks ago we got a news article reg the lack of staff and experienced staff to go ahead with a few things on WOT and now…. WOT Product Director head is on… Politics! This is going down soooo quickly!

  5. he could not balance a game properly what makes him think politics will work better ?

    also >blockchain
    nice meme, startup-speak, he just needs to add \”deep learning\” and he\’ll be set for a kickstarter campaign

  6. Slava Prince of Tanks ~ now President Slava?
    this guys ego knows no limits

    from pushing around the minions at Wargame and lording over us the players – oh yes! its all gone to his king sized ego

    and yes!
    now we know where all our Premium Shop WOT money has gone

    not into improving World of Tanks his ONLY reliable sole Income stream product
    but into his private bloody bank account

  7. This is pretty much what Italy\’s Five Stars Movement has been doing for years, Makarov is not inventing the wheel or anything here.

    Also, this system is full of faults, loopholes and the like. Just one example – ten thousand registered users vote for something, the politicians comply and do what those ten thousand want. End result affects millions of people, because ten thousand anons voted on the internet.

  8. Horrible, games and politics shouldn\’t mix. This doesn\’t bode well for WoT.

  9. With the levels of toxic PR these guys earned managing WOT, the only successful party they can create would be in hell. Even in Russia, when you spit at someone, he won\’t vote for you.

  10. They talk about democracy when in reality it’s a mild form of Stalinism in Russia.

  11. That app should have a 25% chance for their members to change party… 😀

  12. First this guy tells us there are no more tanks and this?
    I dont know about you guys but i think he’s hinting about retiring/quitting from the game

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