16 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Season of Global Map – Dawn of Industry

  1. Ah yes can’t wait for a new wave of chieftains to ruin tier X.

    Gonna have to rush the 279e grind if I want to not get shit on

      1. No, it said what one novel reward would be. This is a clan war campaign, as with all CW campaign, you can get a chance to obtain one of any of the previously released CW reward tier X tank. This includes the Chieftain.

    1. Hate to burst you bubble but the 279 e is awful in ranked . That is why is was almost never used . Was like the 25th most used tanks across all servers and that is really low. It is only strong against lower tiers and many people agree it don’t work in ranked . I have one was 23 on NA server to get one I have an 5 skill crew and improved rammer food and shot heat it got rekt really fast bc most people in ranked know how to deal with a 279 e. Wargaming needs to either pull all reward/clan wars rewards tanks from ranked or make them all accessible for all players like the 279e and 260 are. Not everyone can join a good clan and get a clan wars tank. Wargaming caused this problem by making the Chieftain more op then any tank by far that’s why it was used by 92 percent of players in ranked who had one and was used 400x more then any other tanks and next the 907 got a secret buff many patches ago making it broken and that is why it was used 2nd most in ranked battles 300x more then any other tank.

      1. 907 buff was secret until it was the patch dropped so nothing anyone could of done to stop the buff to it or even try bc wargaming told only the supertesters bc they knew it was a crazy buff to an already really good tank. But that is what I mean by secret .

      2. You must be on meth. Obj 260 and 279 (e) are some of the most used tanks in ranked since you can just yolo your way around. Along with Chieftain and 907.

  2. I’m curious about the tier VII and VIII reward tanks but I can assume it will be something like the IS-5, T95/Cheftain and maybe the KV-4 Kres.

    1. There are no more tier 8/7 rewarded per-say but you will be able to craft them in the new Workshop feature. Just play battles and get parts. And yes you can craft the T23E3.

  3. Gj wargaming still need to fix the fact that the Chieftain and 907 ruin ranked battles. Need to just give those tanks out to everyone or give everyone a chance with bonds or something.

    1. 907 is as OP as 140. It only has trollish armour that doesnt work against anyone who knows about it. 140 has everything else.

    2. Chieftains is only good hulldown than it is almost unbeatable so is the Kranvagn! Progetto is also really good in Ranked.

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