World of Tanks End of the Year event – QnA Session

Questions were answered by Maxim Chuvalov (Global Publishing director of World of Tanks), Alexey Ilyin (product manager of World of Tanks) and Vyacheslav Makarov (product director of World of Tanks).

– Next year, each episode of the Front Line will be more self-sufficient. And even if you only play Steel Hunter, you can get all the rewards. The rewards will be new. Steel Hunter and Frontlines will have a single progression, which will last a whole year with common rewards. However, playing all episodes or forcibly playing only the Frotnlines will no longer be necessary. You can play only in Hunter or Frontlines and collect all the rewards.

– About Frontlines this year: yes, maybe we
went too far and there were too many episodes. Next year there will be fewer.

– Now the crew rework is in a very active stage of development. We collect crew builds, observe and play with them. Cause of obliviousness about the crew system, decided to simplify this system, because – yes, it is complicated and inconvenient for players, and also simply irrelevant in the current meta. We will simplify this system and talk about it a bit later.
When you launch events, you usually have a lot of problems, Halloween has been canceled altogether. Why is this happening and what needs to be done so that everything goes smoothly?
– This is our complex internal problem. We are now working on improving and changing some processes. In general, recently our staff has greatly improved on development. And to introduce new people, train them,and integrate them into the process – all this is also a large amount of work in itself. In addition, part of recent events were done with a sufficiently large participation of new employees. Someone somewhere failed.

– We will try to make the conversion of crews next year fair and not offend anyone. How it will look in numbers, we still do not know. And even if we miscalculate somewhere and the players abuse the mechanic, we will live through this possibility, that’s okay. The main thing at the exit is NOT to get imbalanced crews that have everything unlocked.

– It will still not be possible to change the nation of the crew after the rework.

– If the 2019 was more about new events, then the 2020 will be more about the introduction of new features. In 2020 we will have less events than in 2019.
Apart from the double-barreled vehicles, in 2020 there will be two new branches (One of them are Italian heavy tanks)

– When working new balancing, player statistics will be taken into account. There will be a new tab with statistics for a certain period, which the player will see as relevant, and this is much better than it is now. We visualize this as follows: when going into the profile, there will be two tabs: general statistics and current statistics. After clicking on the current statistics, you will remain forever in this tab. Clicking on other types of statistics, we will save your choice as well. We want to do it as it would be more convenient, but maybe there will be some technical adjustments.

– We do not want to give details on Italian heavies yet – there will be some very interesting vehicles, but multiple turret tanks aren’t one of them.

– In addition to the two maps already announced for random battles in 2020 (Pearl River, Berlin), we have nothing more. There will also be improvements to the Steel Hunter map and other various events, such as Halloween.

– We closed team battles forever, nobody played in them. This is the main reason for the closure. And those who did play simply did so to farm credits.

– We are planning a VERY big tournament for the commemoration of the 10 year anniversary. Announcements – at the beginning of 2020. We are celebrating in August.

– Currently we want to release one more final iteration of the sandbox, in which there will be all supporting features: new simplified tech trees, statistics (if technically possible) and all other balance changes. Let’s see how it all works together, and if everything goes well, plus if a large number of players participate, we get enough feedback and the feedback will be positive, we will think about how and when to release it. But tentatively this is the very end of spring.

– We have already announced new equipment for 2020. Interaction with low tier tanks will also be improved. It will become MUCH cheaper for low tier tanks and there will also be some more improvements. Also with this patch we will be cleaning up tech trees. We will do some massive changes to low tier tanks with the intent that there will no longer be such an abundance of different tanks at the very bottom of the trees. We want the player to play easier and in return make it more interesting.

– The map “Dragon Ridge” is definitely not for the next year.

– A new communication system is on track for next year.

– The number of turbo (15-0) battles will be dealt with using various tricks with the balancer and a number of other things. Two times more in total as all measures are introduced. And that seems to be the ceiling. But sometimes it happens that one team sucks, and the other is playing well, and nothing can be done about it.

– You’ll be surprised right now, but early scouting on both sides reduces the number of turbo fights. The earlier mutual scouting occurs, the more sanely the teams disperse. The main reason for the turbo battles happening is players went into parts of the map incomprehensibly.

— During the last four months we looked at all Light Tank statistics thoroughly and we looked not only at wheeled vehicles. With the introduction of the British lights, even more attention was paid to this. There is nothing dangerous, but we have different thoughts… When we tested matchmaker with 3 arties, we actually achieved good results. Figures: previously at tier 10 approximately 70% of battles were with 3 arties, now it’s exactly 39%, and it deviates to 30%. It’s not a fast process, the system learns depending on situations, etc. But the point is that we have already tried to do the same with LTs. It works, but it’s more difficult for the match maker, as more parameters influence him strongly. We do not conduct active measures on this issue now, but next year we will definitely return to LTs from the point of view of a matchmaker and will tune the distribution of this class.

– Cluster consolidation (RU / EU / NA) – this is difficult primarily from the legal side. These are different laws, different rules, restrictions, taxes, etc. The problem is legal, not technical.
Although inside our offices we have already made such a technology a long time ago and even tested it – roaming, who remembers.

– Adding tournaments (and everything related to them) directly to the game client is planned for the 2020. But, having looked at our roadmap for the year, we soberly assessed our strengths and realized that we would not have enough manpower and we would not have enough time to add this for next year. We really hope that this is one of the main features that will be released at the beginning of 2021.
And here the story is this: it’s very expensive for us to make interfaces. Instead of these tournaments, it’s conditionally easier for us to get another Halloween event, and I won’t exaggerate. With good interfaces there is a lot of trouble. With how we are doing interfaces now, it’s better, but also has its own technical nuances. Equipment, crew – this is also all tied to the interface. We are sending all our forces there for now. There are a lot of new interfaces to be added when working on tournaments and the new crew balancing, and I think it’s clear which one we will choose from the two.

Trophy equipment will be rewarded for the Battle Pass.
Trophy equipment is equipment that has standard characteristics, but they can be improved by bringing them to the level of bond equipment forever. And it will be possible to remove this equipment for gold (current bond equipment requires bonds to remove it)

– There will be no revision of the price for the removal of bond equipment (200 bonds).

– While changes to Tank blueprints are not planned, right now we are working on features that are very closely related to them. It will deliver more useful blueprints to a player who grinds a certain branch. Now they are distributing randomly. We want to work on this at the moment. It is necessary to refine the delivery system. In the 2020, expect a fix for this.
Clan wars changes:– There will be no new tank.

– Event in January, not earlier than the 12th.

– Term – 2 weeks, tier X.

– In the strategic plan, the mechanics won’t get any massive changes.

– There will be new mechanics that affect fights. New directives exclusively for the Global Map.
The new mechanics will only be tested during the event. Everyone will be given the same set of these goodies, and it will not be possible to replenish / buy.

– The “Workshop” will appear: in it it will be possible to craft premium tier 8 tanks It runs parallel to the fame points.

It will be possible to assemble the tanks issued earlier (IS-5, KV-4 Kreslavsky, Chieftain / T95 and T23E3).
How many tanks players will be able to assemble in the Workshop is currently unknown. All participants in each team will receive an equal amount of materials

“Workshop” – For participating in the battles, both teams will receive various materials that can be assembled into components, from which tanks will be assembled.
For a better understanding – look at the crafting mechanics in The Witcher 3.



0 thoughts on “World of Tanks End of the Year event – QnA Session

  1. “About Frontlines this year: yes, maybe we went too far and there were too many episodes. Next year there will be fewer.”
    NOOOO… FL should be a regular (alternative to randoms) mode. How many thousands of randoms can we play… FL is a good alternative (less frustrating with fewer ‘turbo’ battles), which should always be available. It does not have to be a forced grindfest condensed into episodes.

    1. NOT FL episodes was the problem, NOT its long term.
      The problem was its GRIND, ITS REQUIREMENTS ! Simply too much for normal players.

  2. I really don’t get the comment on the crew system being “complicated and inconvenient for players” – what is complex or inconvenient about it? I think its fine and quite enjoy having to develop a five man crew. Please do not make it a single commander crew.

    If anything I would like to see the existing system enhanced to add more skills / redevelop the existing ones to more relevant & useful skills…..but I now fear that would be somehow too complex for the playerbase!!??

    1. When they say “complicated and inconvenient for players”, they actually mean “not profitable enough for WG”, since when complications became bad? They love complicating simple stuff, like this Xmas event, hiding diminished rewards and increased grind.

      So, all our achievements, long and tedious experience grind for better teams, will go down the drain and new teams will require gold only to receive experience, probably. Somehow, maybe not at first, but it will turn into another revenue stream for the company.

  3. The hell!!?

    – A new communication system is on track for next year.

    Srly!!? I wait for this since day one!!! YOSH!!!!!

  4. “We will do some massive changes to low tier tanks with the intent that there will no longer be such an abundance of different tanks at the very bottom of the trees. We want the player to play easier and in return make it more interesting.”

    This seems dumb, and I fear the worst. I don’t want fewer tanks in this game, I want them all!

    Just find a way to make low tier tanks’ playability more sustainable. After all, we are paying for the garage slots to keep those tanks.
    Create a separate game mode for tiers I-V, maybe historical FL style or something. I strongly dislike the game’s exclusive focus on tier VIII and X gameplay. I want to keep all my low tiers and play them 1. without noob-bashing and 2. while trying to achieve long term goals and earn credits.

    Low tiers shouldn’t be dumbed down, WG should work on new content focusing on these tanks.

    1. Lower tiers absolutely should be dumbed down so people will just grind through it as fast as possible and just play higher tiers. Plus it’s going to be way easier for new players.

      1. so, why not just remove tiers I-V completely if WG doesn’t want to program/develop anything for them and if people just want to get to their tier X and play nothing else (even without any real endgame content)? /s

        point is, many people are here for the tanks, this includes low tier ones. the historically more interesting ones (Matilda, B1, PzKpfw III, T-28,…) are down there at tiers II-IV. Long term players probably think alike, but short-attention-span-CoD-kids wanna reach tier X within a few days (with free XP earned on their Skorpion, converted with gold) to goldspam/statpad as high tier for a month and abandon the game later on. Worst case for the playerbase, best case for WG’s monetisation plans.

        If there is no endgame, the best way would be to make all tanks and tiers highly playable and enjoyable.

      2. That would be of great benefit to Wargamings yearly revenue indeed! They really need to sell more WoT Premium Time and premium tanks…so people will have a need to spend to sustain their upkeep in the higher tiers!

        I’d say fantastic change right their KAPPA!

        1. My predictions for WoT in the year 2025:

          Tier VIII premiums become the new “low tiers” replacing all tier I-VIII tech tree tanks completely (coz moneyz), and grinding through tier IX to tier X only works by gathering XP on tier VIIIs, using gold to convert to free XP. did I mention that standard ammo will have been removed from the game?

          really, really makes me wish for a competent, European company to take over to prevent this alternative future judgement day WG mess.

  5. How does reducing the number of low tier tanks make it more interesting? Why don’t they allow access to more maps like they used to have while restricting the advantages of experienced players by reducing equipment slots and crew skill caps in the first few levels so they can function as training levels?

  6. They think cutting the low tiers will lower the negativity of the game for new players, but seal-clubbers will adapt. I believe that simple cut-off of statistical advance on lower tiers for high-ranking players would do the job.

    WOT is very toxic and complicated for new players, people are either never willing to try or try and get burned, swearing never to touch tanks again. Moving noobs quickly up the tiers is not a solution.

    1. Technically this could easily be solved by limiting the amount of active crew skills based on tier level.

      Whereby many skilled crews are only possible above tier 5 for example. And on the lower tiers number of active crew skills is limited.
      For example: tier 1>3 only first 2 (trained) skills are active, tier 4>5 three first crew skills are active, tier 6 no limit on active crew skills. Or something like this.

      Now it seems the dumbing down has further gone into their heads, unless the crew rework really results into a more in depth crew system…but I fair that won;t be the case.

    1. Being able to play on the server with the best ping, regardless where you first made your account. Nobody is making them move the account between different hubs, just play the match on the best server for you. So, you log into your regional account as usual, when you hit “Battle“ you play on the server with the best ping or #players, whatever you want. It’s 2020 – a lot of people move around the planet, WG would rather they started a new account and bought all the premiums again. Also, there is a suspicion that different servers have different server side soft stats for tanks, it would become really obvious. So, WG is being shady, instead of implementing a feature that every successful multiplayer game has had for the last decade. Maybe in 2040?

  7. “The “Workshop” will appear: in it it will be possible to craft premium tier 8 tanks It runs parallel to the fame points.”

    Let me guess, they will do like WOWS Drydock that has everyone pissed off by making it impossible to complete a tank without having to spend money and it end up being several hundreds of dollars.

    1. Yeah, it’s their latest money making scheme/idea. Put a OP premium at the end of the workshop/dock, severely limit the time to grind for it fairly, allow gold/money to circumvent the grind. Profit.
      I know people complain about FL grind but the tanks/rewards were achievable by everyone and the time to active them was reasonable. I missed first 4 episodes completely this year, but managed to compete the 10 tiers in the 9th (my 5th) episode. Thanks to the free FL reserves. I didn’t have to spend any money or gold to get the rewards, which is how i like it.

  8. “Cluster consolidation (RU / EU / NA) – this is difficult primarily from the legal side. These are different laws, different rules, restrictions, taxes, etc. The problem is legal, not technical.”

    So, get some lawyers on it and sort it out. It may cost WG money, but then you have to spend money to make money.

    1. seemed a little bit less impossible for Armored Warfare (my goto game on days when WoT manages to not entertain at all).

      I still highly recommend AW. It’s somewhere between the stricty and highly regulated WoT gameplay/economy and Warthunder’s free for all chaos.

        1. I’ve always seen AW as a necessary extension to WoT, because it does things which WG can’t do/handle/imagine: modern tanks, smoothbore guns, ATGMs, machine guns, PvE, mechanised infantry, ERA, APS, smoke grenades, ammo types without having any easy mode (gold) ammo, achievements that earn you medals AND rewards like credits or free XP,…

          it’s way more innovative in so many ways – no idea, why its popularity has dropped so badly. been there since alpha, and don’t plan to leave. even Battle Path marathons aren’t too bad and go over 3 months and usually earn you 3-4 premium tanks, one of which is tier 10. I can only advice everyone who likes tanks/WoT to at least try it … ESPECIALLY on days when WoT kicks you in the crotch again with defeat streaks and fail teams, goldspammers and arty parties.
          Armored Warfare is so much more relaxing and fun … which should kinda be expected from a video game.


  9. Leave the crew alone…If you want, make it more complicated, put another 3 universal perks (like i.e. stamina=auto heal after 100 seconds of an injured crew if it has it 100%-also interacting with BIA and small or big health kit).
    I love seeing the female crew members in the garage-especially the maiden beauties-and the more realistic and personalized feeling they give to the game.

  10. Where’s the promised E-100 and IS-4 rework by the end of this year!?!?
    Its not too hard to balance the two wtf?

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