WoT Supertest – UDES 03 Alt 3


Soon, a Swedish Tier IX medium tank UDES 03 Alt 3 will appear in the supertest.

Like other high tier Swedish medium tanks, this machine has a hydropneumatic suspension with the ability to tilt the hull. The standard declination angle of the gun is -7 degrees, but when the hydraulic suspension is working, it increases to -13. Activation of the tilt mode of the case occurs automatically.

The machine is armed with a gun capable of inflicting 360 alpha damage and accuracy of 0.35. Aiming time –– 1.9 s. Penetration with standard shell – 252 mm, and a special shell – 284 mm. The reload time of the gun is 10.2 s. View range —– 380 m.

Frontally, the armor of the tank reaches a thickness of 66 mm. The maximum speed of the tank is 50 km / h, the power to weight ratio is 18 hp / t. Hitpoints – 1,600.

UDES 03 Alt 3 is gameplay similar to other Swedish medium tanks. With a low silhouette, hydropneumatic suspension and a comfortable gun, on the battlefield he performs the same goals as other medium tanks, but taking into account his own characteristics.