World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 14


Walk in the shoes of the great Jan Žižka aboard the Škoda T 27. The first ever Czechoslovakian Tier VIII Premium vehicle is a versatile medium tank. Make good use of its high acceleration to be where you need to be and use your autoloading gun to support your teammates. A very satisfying way to fight, especially when the reload time of each shell is so low!

Škoda T 27 Offers

In-Game Deal

  • VIII Škoda T 27
  • 25 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Price: 9,700 Gold

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 14

  1. Bought it today. Decent tank, seems pretty well-balanced. Definitely not a must-have, though, and very pricey for a medium tank.

  2. The Skoda T27 is a balanced T8 that’s good in its own tier, very good in fact if you use the burst from the 3 shell drum wisely

    However its unbalanced / weak against
    many Soviet OP Tier 9’s and other Nation T9’s

    and very weak against Tier 10’s (like all Tier 8’s surprise!

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