World of Tanks – No XVM if you use anonymizer!


The info comes from an XVM team member who said this:

“We started an experiment with disabling the display of statistics in battle for anonymous players.

At the moment, the order is as follows: if our server detects that the player has hidden his nickname, he loses access to the statistics of other players in the battle for the next 12 hours. Then the detection procedure is repeated.
Accordingly, in order to see the statistics of all players again, you need to open your nickname and wait for the access to resume (it will happen automatically).

We will also add relevant notifications in the game and explanations in your account.

The scenario is not final, changes are possible. ”


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – No XVM if you use anonymizer!

  1. This is fair. If you do not share your own statistics, then you should not see statistics of others.

  2. I have no problem with that. First, because i dont use XVM, second i dont want to show my username to others. These guys who look at the stats all the time are just annoying to me.

  3. As long as some people will declare “Lost!!1” at battle start , based on XVM, without understanding the nature of predictions, I will prefer to hide my stats. Can’t see others? Great, I don’t care about others stats, just want a clean game.

    All the fuss about statistical excellence has damaged this game greatly. Without it we would not have as many seal-clubbers and stats whores. Let WG keep and manage stats internally, to find cheaters mostly.

    Toxicity level falls with anonymizer, great work, WG, on this one. 5 years ago would be nice.

    1. You must be as average and unimpressive as any potato. High wn8 players want to hide from being arty focused, low wn8 players want a fair chance to enjoy the game. You’re either neither or low skills trying to pretend to be fancy kek

      1. I have 2110 wn8 (green in 6 colour scale, or blue in 8 colour scale) and I still think the anonymizer is stupid. Stats were never the problem.
        The problem are the dumb people that think they are the cause of all problems, because if you’re a terrible player, your teammates will notice that, with or without stats, just watching your plays and positioning.

        If you think you’re always focused because of stats, that’s also paranoia, because as I play in a clan with Teamspeak, I listen to my clanmates saying that they’re being focused by arty the whole game, you know their colours? Yellow (900-1400 wn8), most of them, so… nothing too great.

        Of course it happens sometimes, sure, but it is definitely not a major problem.
        Can you count how many other games have their own “xvm” (mod to check stats in-battle)? NO! Those that you thought are bad games because of those mods?! I doubt it.

        By the way, if I used the anonymizer and then played my Obj 279 or Chieftain, wouldn’t I get focused anyways? I would right?!

        Stats are not the problem, the problem are those idiots that don’t know how to use them and drown themselves or “bully” the players with bad stats for no reason.

        1. I focus blue players when I’m in arty 😛 because I know they’re most likely to have an impact on the game. But I do get focused to kingdom come as well as a player with 1260 WN8. Will I use anonymizer? Nop always fun arguing with purples who think they are dog’s bollocks because they have better stats 🙂

          1. Yesterday I heard one thing about that (arty focusing better players).
            Basically was something like “While arty is focusing a good player and trying to ruin his game, she is forgetting about other important flanks and locations of the map, letting the enemy team take some positions whitout arty punishment”

            Did you ever thought about that?

  4. XVM is obsolete.
    It was for along time now.
    With this new “feature” it had dig his own grave.
    Just use PFstats (PlayersRankings – Stats By PolarFox), problem solved…

  5. this looks like XVM developers attempt to strike back…..but it will blow in their face: because it is the fair think-you hide your stats you shouldn’t be able to see other peoples stats either…………….but now with anonymizer active I ask “what is my nick?” at the start of every battle….since I had an incident in battle where team mate was telling (to me) :”Mateo do this or that….”……and all I could think was: “who is Mateo?”….since that is not my nick and I had no idea what anonymizer gave me :

    1. Just hover with the mousepointer over your tank in the battle and it should show you your nick. It does by me. Saw that info on the Tube.

  6. So why not remove XVM in-battle stats entirely then?
    I mean, that’s the entire reason we got that anonyniser in the first place…

  7. I am totally fine with this.
    I think the amount of people who does not want to be seen but are interested in other people’s ingame stats is very low.

    XVM (at least the stats part) is making the situation even worse.

  8. The xvm makers are angry that is what is going on here.. I say to you guys… . You ruined the community so much.. Wargaming does something in return they get pissed I hope Wargaming puts xvm on the illegal mod page or any mod that shows peoples stats as cheating.

    1. Oh no I can see half of my team is useless that means im cheating because i won’t suicide on an empty flank. What logic is this?

  9. You really need XVM to know half your team is useless? Takes about a minute to see a lemming train, meds camping back, TD’s and arty rushing forward to spot and the LT’s hiding in a corner.

    Game also provides clues, like bounces off arty and LT’s, carefully aimed shots going astray or projectiles disappearing. XVM has no idea what is really going on.

    1. As true as it is you still can have team mates to that will attempt to save their team.. I do it all the time and I enjoy it..

  10. That sounds fair. I’m surprised that the team behind XVM themselves would consider being fair, though I suspect they just want to force players to not use the anonymizer.

  11. These devs really are incompetent, honestly. All this weird illogical mess just because they don’t know how to create a look-up table with virtual player IDs.

  12. Am I the only one who uses xvm for the UI improvements rather than the actual stats? I mean yeah, seeing who to work together with is nice, BUT LET’S ADMIT IT, the garage filters and minimap enlarger are way more useful

  13. now just hope other mod makers will follow so the special snowflakes can’t use those mods as well, you must be pretty paranoid if you still think people going to chase you across the map for your stats

  14. Since anon went live i have been shot by arty a whopping three times TOTAL (top tier heavy battle so obvious), for me it really really works, no more arty focus, i think alot of ppl use it because i se many of these rather obviously generated nicks, five years to late but well done for once WG.

    1. Less people are using it as you think.
      Normally there are about 2 to 3 per team. But i could not say whi because about 7 or 8 of 15 people have no clan and a stupid name.
      After the game you can check who is anonymised by clicking on the in game stats.

  15. Yeah I love this feature. I’m tired of people spamming at beginning of game, bad team report xy, lost game etc.

  16. Totally unfair. I had hoped to use the cloak of anonymizer and still be able to focus blue and purple player

  17. I understand if XVM would not work in battle for those using Annonymizer, but why ban it for 12 hours so that it can’t even be used in the garage (outside battle). I do hope this does not effect other XVM UI features, which are very useful.

    1. They created the mod if they believe people shouldn’t be allowed to use it to see others stats in game then that’s their right…. and imo if you don’t want others to see your stats or you see it as such an issue then by all rights you shouldn’t use it anyways unless you want to use it to do exactly what you use the anonymizer to avoid.

  18. Petty reaction by the XVM people. I suppose they made some good money with their software and now they’re furious – well, that is understandable to some extent, but then, they never gave a toss about the toxicity their tool produced, so why should we feel sorry for them …

  19. XVM-is toxic… I have hidden my stats and could care less that i can’t use a stupid mod!

    PS 1600 wn8 player here

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