World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes

The festive season is the perfect time to give presents. So, starting from December 13, 2019, 06:00 UTC through January 14, 2020, 06:00 UTC, Large Boxes, the most coveted gifts for all tank commanders, will be up for grabs.

Treat Yourself!

Exclusive rewards? The rarest vehicles? Extra goodies and fancy decorations for your Collections? We’ve got them all!

There’s no way you can lose out—the gold value of all the treats inside is always greater than or equal to the price of the Box!

Choose a Box from four festive styles:

Every large box contains:

  • One Level V decoration
  • One decoration of a random level
  • 250 gold

Even More Gifts in Every Box!

Additionally, each Box has varying chances to drop the following items:

  • One, three or seven days of WoT Premium Account
  •  100,000 or 500,000 Credits
  • Even more gold (250500, or 1,000)
  • One of the four formidable Tier VIII Premium tanks below
  • One of five collectors’ gems: special rare vehicles

Let’s take a closer look at the most coveted gifts—exclusive Premium tanks.

The Box may contain one cool Tier VIII Premium vehicle from the following list:

  1. VIII Object 703 Version II , the first-ever Tier VIII Premium double-barreled vehicle in World of Tanks, is now available! Whether you’re a novice or experienced commander, the Object 703 Version II is as sweet as apple pie.
  2. VIII E 75 TS , also available for the first time in the game, is a menacing German heavy tank which boasts incredible top speed and excellent maneuverability, using its tough hull to bounce enemy shells.
  3. VIII Progetto M35 mod. 46 , a legend that needs no introduction, is one of the most popular and desired vehicles in the game, thanks to its effective mix of high mobility and the Italian-exclusive autoreloader.
  4. VIII SU-130PM , a natural-born hunter and master of stealth, boasts alpha damage that is one of the highest of its tier, while its great concealment means you can hit hard and they’ll never see it coming!

Finally, you may receive one of the following rare collectors’ vehicles:

  • II AM 39 Gendron-Somua , a French Tier II wheeled vehicle. Bet you’re incredibly surprised to see a wheeled scout at this tier! This is its first time being on the battlefield, so don’t miss the chance to tame this tiny warrior and hone your wheeled skills!
  • III Sexton I , a British Tier III Premium SPG. Designed in Canada, on the chassis of the fabulous Canadian RAM II tank, it’s one of two Premium artys in World of Tanks!
  • V Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K , a versatile German Tier V medium tank boasting a menacing fast-firing gun, is a modification of the glorious German tank, featuring a turret from the senior Pz IV and a 75 mm gun.
  • VI Bretagne Panther , a French Tier VI medium tank, is a legendary Panther, captured by the French army and preserved to this day in a museum, to be recreated in the game with stunning accuracy.
  • VI Sherman VC Firefly , a British Tier VI medium tank, is the tank of the legendary British Ace, Joe Ekins, replicated down to the smallest detail. The Sherman VC Firefly and other vehicles destroyed Michael Wittmann’s tank, the German “Panzer Ace”, during World War II.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Holiday Ops 2020: Lootboxes

    1. It says its always the same gold value or more.. Assuming the least value ie: 250 gold, id say around 1~1.5 euros per box. (Minimum purchase is 500 gold and costs 2.25 euro)

      1. Something in me says the boxes won’t sell for the monetary cost of 250 gold.

        I reckon the boxes are going to be priced around 2,50 each, more than what 500 gold would cost, because they state they guarantee 1 tier V decorations of the specific collection.

        11 boxes with 9% discount, nets at €25,-
        25 boxes with 20% discount nets €50,-
        75 boxes with 66% discounts to a neat €125,-

        Unless each box also gives guaranteed secondary additional’s, they will be wholly overpriced.

        1. Buying christmas lootboxes is BY FAR the best value you can get in WoT. And the more you buy, the more value you get. And if you’re lucky with premium tanks you’re getting a TON of value. But that’s a lot of money, yeah.

          1. How many crates do you think I need to open to get that Object?
            I wanted to buy crates for 40 euros but I see I can buy only 25 crates with 40 euros….25 is pretty low.
            I think I will go for 36 crates this year and I hope to get object. If I will not get in first 36 maybe 11 more?… 😀

            1. You can buy 5 crates and get Obj and someone else buy 50 and not get it! That’s why i believe this shouldn’t be allowed! Is pure gambling….

              1. No it’s not. Gambling is if you end up with noting in your pursuit for a specific tank. In this case you will break even at least. Following your logic, Kinder Surprise should be banned as well.

                1. I think is not gambling aswell. Is like you buy that gold by yourself. For example you need 10k gold you will buy 20 crates and you will get guarantee that gold for less money than usual.
                  I want that object to play and I think I will end by buying 36-50 crates. 🙁
                  I hope I will get it in my first 25-50 crates. I dont want to spend too much.

                  1. as they say you do get your money worth of gold guaranteed….but they dangle the opportunity to get that “special” tank in front of your nose so you take a chance to get it….so it is all a matter of opinion is it or isn’t it gambling… could claim this is taking advantage of kids or naive people….and be serious-would you buy 250 gold for 1.5 euro in WoT today…..probably not——-but if there is a chance to get “special” tank too for the same price……most would say: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!….so shady business practice at least

                2. Its gambling. Comparing it to Kinder is a disgustingly inappropriate comparison. People succeptible to gambling addiction don’t buy hundreds of kinders, but they do buy loot boxes. This thing is designed to play on people’s psychology and succeptibility to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and the sunk cost fallacy. You may not be affected by this, however that does not mean other people cannot be. And saying they shouldn’t buy it then is also not how psychology works. The worst part of loot boxes is they have no real world value but still trick people into spending. At least with a kinder you have something, this you got nothing for the money spent besides pixels that aren’t guaranteed to last.

                  Sorry for the rant, but sick of seeing this weak argument.

                  1. Collectors do buy hundreds of little chocolate eggs in order to get all the toys. Similar thing here, if you want to collect all of the premiums, you have to buy a bunch of boxes.
                    Although there’s a difference, since toys are physical goods and can be traded among collectors.

                  2. @SenHai you are so very wrong. Is not gambling, cause there is no addiction, people want to spent some money cause they want it. I don`t want any specific tanks, all I care is to buy some gold, and I wanted to wait several months to spent some money on Christmas boxes. No one is forcing me to buy these, i have no expectations, but since i know that beside gold i can get tons of things, is incredible. Last year I did not get any tank, maybe this year I will. Any tier 8 tank will be awesome, I have only Progetto, so the compensation of 11k gold is also awesome.

                    Lots of people complaining, I never understood this! You don`t want to spent money then don`t, you think is gambling, then don`t gamble. You don`t like WoT, then quit playing. No one really cares. Each person is tiny little insignificant for others.

                    All changes made to a game, you have only 2 ways to deal with them, either embrace the changes and move on, or quit playing, is that simple. Of course is always room for improvements, but this is what it is.

                    Personal for me, the best rerward this Christmas, is not the tanks, but those National Flags, cause those you can get absolutely free tier 10 tanks ( at least I will, cause i have so many tier 9 unlocked, but i never wanted to play with them)

                    1. like I said-its a matter of opinion…..but why don’t you play tier 9 tanks? you are missing out quite a bit … think about it: with tier 9 tank you are either top tier or middle tier so there is no way to get +2 MM where you are farmed or break your bank just to get a decent result

                  3. So my son buying Magic cards is now an addicted gambler? When I bought all those baseball card packs (for the stick of gum of course!) as a kid I was gambling? Wow, never realized I was addicted to gambling and therefore have a problem. Shame on me. And to think my daughter had an addiction as well when she played Pokemon 15 years ago. I’m a horrible father:-(

  1. Don`t forget they are also discounted, so i`m guessing, the 75 pack one will be around 99eur
    I would love to get any of those tier 8 tanks, i have only Progetto, so the 11k gold compensation will be ok.
    Last year I bought 25 large boxes, but i had no luck with any tier 8 tank 😦

  2. I have the money, but not sure if I should spend another 100+ Euros on this game. I mean, how many more tier 8 premiums do I really need? I know a few of my tier 8 premiums are kinda obsolete (T34) but I have plenty of other good ones (Somua, AX, Hype 59, T54 1st Prot., Emil 1951, WZ-120) which I barely play outside of Frontlines (which is the only mode I really play and enjoy). Crew training is also not what it used to be, as you can kick-start new crews with 2 Mil creds now and I have plenty of those. Maybe I can get some nice Tier 8 premium for credits in the next Black Market. The AX for 8 million creds was a steal. Basically a free tier 8 premium. I even bought the T34B for creds to later exchange for Gold value of 6K with WZ-120 (adjustment).
    Its just this urge to want to gamble/open those loot-boxes that I find hard tor resist, because I can spend the money!!! Maybe this is why it feels like gambling, when its not really (as we get min gold value).

  3. Well, your premiums are well-used, worn out and broken, as all old toys are.

    Wait, no, they are digital goods, no wear and tear is possible, so how come there are obsolete? Nerfs to prems are out of the question, so how can we sell more? The whole game will be changed and updated to make old premium tanks suck, so new and shiny ones can be sold. “Trade-in” will help you.

    Let me be the stupid minority in this, but as long my old premium tanks are game-nerfed, I will not buy new ones, and will continue to demand remedy to this situation. Fix my old prem tanks, make them (great? they newer were great) reasonably playable again. Don’t like being manipulated to spend money.

    1. Nerfs the premium tanks are out of the question? Does that mean the planned changes to HE mechanics (if implemented) would apply to KV-2 but not KV-2 (R)?

  4. Yeah and the limited time only trade-in for half gold price (which is BS) is only for other in-game available premiums, and not the ‘good’ ones which WG wants to only sell for $$$. This whole separation of premiums for $$$ and gold is also BS. Players have to wait for Advent Calendars or such to use gold (which is mostly also bought with money) to purchase the ‘good’ stuff. The power-creeped old premiums barely see any love because who cares about already bought goods. Many slower premiums are simply no longer for the current meta of super-fast random games where slow tanks/TDs barely get off the finish line before half of your or enemy team is dead. Well, this is probably the outcome of 600+ tanks in a game where half are now premium tanks.

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