World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 11


If you want to practice your angling skills, we have the perfect thing. Meet the Chrysler K, a strong American tank known for its great armour, almost impenetrable when properly angled. Aboard this Tier VIII, find the best spot quickly with your good acceleration and adopt the best angle to break all the assaults of your enemies with your thick skin and potentially, your high APCR shell penetration.

Chrysler K Offers

In-Game Deal
  • VIII Chrysler K
  • 25 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Price: 9,200 Gold

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Advent Calendar 2019: Day 11

    1. Good!!? You are kidding.
      It can’t fight tier 8
      Let alone 9-10!
      Of course you got a giant ammo count… Like 80rounds? Idk idc.

      Cause you need a second set of 40 prem rounds just to keep up.

      It can’t even properly sidescrape… The gun handling is a joke and mobility… Hahaha…

      One of the worst prems…
      THE worst heavy…
      And if it wasn’t for Kj105….
      THE worst tier 8, by far.

      That’s why you never saw those after day 3 of introduction. Not kidding. I wish I was!

      Saying this is good must be buyers remorse.

      I admit I had it and sold that junk.

      Get a VKK for Christ sake!
      Vkk is what this should have been.

      1. I have no idea when and how many battles you played in Chrysler, but it’s definitely better than the average WG prem tonk like is6, wz111, amx M49 etc.
        Im still owning it, the gun handling is actually good, side scrapping is limitted like in each other rear placed turret tank.
        2k average dmg, nothing special, but try it in is6, amx or wz111 in current random.

        And seriously, side scrapping is time wasting in today’s quick games.

  1. Wow,
    More disdain for the Chrysler K than I thought.
    Only a fool thinks the CK is a poor premium tank. Seriously, get better lol

    Very bouncy turret with no true weak spot, strong side armor, if angled properly will bounce Skorpion and Strv S1 shots without fail.
    Sure pen is subpar however it has above average gun handling with sub 2sec aim time and pretty good accurate for decent alpha and reload time.
    If you can’t do well in a CK, stop playing heavies, seriously just stop.

    1. 100% right, CK is side scraping beast. While the pen isn’t great, the gun handling makes up for it letting you actually hit weak spots while bouncing stuff yourself. If you don’t play well in this tank, it is not the tanks fault…

  2. I like how WG always fails to mention that this tank’s base pen is shit and it has to spam gold to do anything to tanks Tier 8 or above. Pure clickbait, why people got so riled up during FochGate is a mystery to me.

  3. Well, if people think CK is a meh heavy tank (with 20 HP/t power and such armour), than what do they have to say for T32 (US Heavy). In what world is a tech tree T32 even compare to a tank like CK. The only thing T32 has over CK is Gun depression, and honestly, in the early years of WOT, T32 was a meta tank, which was well balanced. CK is probably better than a fully loaded IS-M, which I found to be decent in FL mode after the very painful stock grind. In the current meta, a tank with decent mobility is the starting point. I would happily spend 8k bonds for CK/CKF if it ever shows up in the bond shop. I know Patriot is there right now (which is at least as good, if not better overall than CK), but I can’t stand that American over-the-top livery.

  4. It has 260 ApCr, It can Fight Tier 9’s fine, The Armor is good enough, You need 200+ to pen the lower plate with out angling, IT has Great aim time, and it is very hard to circle this tank because it’s traverse is so good. The reason you did not see many is because there are a S load of premiums in the game.

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