Advent Calendar 2019: Day 3


Today, we have a real Chinese master for you. With its good top speed, tough frontal armour and strong alpha damage, the WZ-111 is a close-combat specialist. Sun Tzu himself would have been proud of this fighter, and if you’d like to practice the art of war aboard this vehicle, add it now with one of the bundles below.

In-Game Deal

  • VIII WZ-111
  • 25 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Price: 12,250 Gold

0 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2019: Day 3

  1. Not worth logging into WOT to check. WZ-111/IS-6 and the like are obsolete. Despite being given out in Frontlines, you barely see these in FL. STA-2 is far more common and effective than these old dogs.

      1. @Veroxx – Its actually easier to check TAP and I enjoy reading the comments. Keep up the good work mate.

        1. Thank you,
          The comments is a really hard place to control, especially with the amount of people with strong opinions 🙂

  2. “…good top speed, tough frontal armour and strong alpha damage…” OMG, it’s all true, but like 3-4 years ago. WG finally invented time travel. Or the sales people don’t play their own game, whatever is more likely.

  3. Not even worth 5 €/$

    Why is the advent calendar always so limited to tanks? Why can’t they also offer other things, such as blueprints, prem acc, unique camos or or or… No, they are always the worst tanks that no one wants.

  4. Does anyone remember WHEN QUICKYBABY and others complained (rightfully so) about all those BUNDLE DEALS? … thats why we got the ‘pure’ offers which just give the tank on a slight discount…

    They seem to have forgotten. What a scam.

  5. wel, the main problem with WZ-111: its lousy pen. even against its own tear it will struggle greatly with 186mm AP pen. and a tank should not be supposed to shoot prem rounds (in this case HEAT) 90% of the time. but good luck against a VK 100.00 P. even with Heat yor ony reliable chance will be the cupola (if you hit it straight on with your … shotgun) or the lower plate – if the VK doesn’t angle.

    1. Not to mention that each HEAT shell costs a whopping 5600 Credits. Fire a couple of them in a Tier IX (which you probably have to) and you can actually lose credits.

  6. A tier 8 premium tank used to be primarily for credit farming, then WG switched its primary function to crew grinding, now most are literally redundant in any primary reason to buy.

    I only now buy premium tanks that have solid reliable cheap ammo damage potential.
    I mean who pays $60 for a premium tank, so they can grind crew skills???!.

    Nothing rare will be sold during advent, same old same old.

    Gotta wait for black market, take all days off work so you can catch the market reset, and then instantly buy as the rarer the tank, the less they offer, and pray for no lag or internet interruption or technical issue at their end. GOOD ON YA WG.

    No difference between those who spend thousands, buy all tanks, to those who are “stealing from others“, play for free, on BM to sell accounts “Hey this account comes with a super rare tank“.

    Ammo rebalance will be interesting.

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